From 8:30-9:30 Please Do Nothing


In the words of Simba’s daddy, “It’s the circle of life.”  The Earth gets hot. The Earth gets cold.  The Earth gets hot again. That’s what I believe.  I am pretty sure that someday the world WILL get much warmer, the polar ice caps will melt, sea levels will rise.  This will probably be followed by an ice age.  Because that’s the way it goes.  We, as a species, should probably be preparing for the eventuality instead of trying to stop nature.  I don’t think that people make this happen because I don’t think people were around for the first several million years of this cycle.


I do believe that Earth is precious and delicate and we have been entrusted as stewards of this extraordinary gift.  Burning up fossil fuels, filling landfills as quickly as we can dig them, and cutting down all of our lovely, oxygen-producing trees faster than they can mature would be the opposite of good stewardship.  It’s a big part of why I’m a hippie (wannabe).  I love the convenience of plastic as much as the next guy but…. really… is it SO MUCH more difficult to recycle?

If you are on-board with the idea of NOT destroying Lovely Lady Earth as quickly as possible here is the PERFECT lazy way to help:

TONIGHT, FROM 8:30-9:30 PLEASE DO NOTHING.  Don’t watch tv or play on your Kindle Fire or surf the internet.  Don’t run your vacuum or dry your laundry or make your own baby food.  Tonight, March 31, that one hour is set aside as a special time.  Disconnect.  Turn off the lights, the tv, the radio.  Here’s a novel idea…. spend some time sitting with your loved ones, under the starlit sky, and just TALK.  Light a candle and play a board game.  Take a bubble bath.  Ahhh…. that does sound lovely.  Just for ONE HOUR, enjoy the life on this great planet “off the grid.”  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have such a nice time you’ll decide to do it again soon.

For more information about earth hour, visit


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