Don’t Even Go There!


How far are you willing to go?  Really… it’s an honest question.

In your work, how far? Are you willing to do what it takes to be the CEO of a major corporation? They make millions but give their entire energy to their business at the expense of their family and other interests.  Is that what you want, or would you rather be a middle management guy with every Saturday available to take your boat out on the lake?  What about in your faith?  There are monks who take a vow of silence in order to dedicate their whole lives to prayer and meditation.  Most people just aren’t that committed.  That’s not a bad thing. It’s just human nature.  Our interests and personal energies are scattered over a variety of areas – family, work, learning, leisure, etc.

I saw a story on Good Morning America several days ago about a family whose ENTIRE output of trash (as in, throw it into the landfill) for a YEAR fit inside a Mason jar.  These are people SERIOUSLY committed to the environment.  For me? Don’t even go there.  I am SO PROUD of us when our weekly (forget annual!) garbage fits into one giant curb-side can.  We’ve come a long way.  I am not as committed as those people.  I never will be. I’ve been thinking about that and I’ve decided that it’s ok that I’m not.  I hold them as a shining standard to strive toward, knowing full well I won’t get there in this lifetime.

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve read a lot about the efforts of others to do their part in living a sustainable lifestyle on our lovely planet.  Some of these, though perhaps admirable, literally made me a little nauseous.  Here are 10 things I am NOT willing to do:

1) I am NOT willing to use washable feminine napkins.  Ugh! Gag! Blarch! Blech! GROSS!!!! I don’t even want to look at the toilet paper I use during my so-called freakin’ “blessed moon time.” Don’t even go there!

2) I am NOT willing to use washable toilet paper.  See above exclamations.

3) I am NOT willing to turn the water off in the shower in between soaping and rinsing.  I ADORE luxuriating in hot water.  I stand and soak and feel my skin open up and suck in the glorious steam.  It fills up the bathroom so that, even when I get out I’m blanketed in glorious soothing warmth. I can’t imagine giving it up.

4) I am NOT willing to eat kelp. Sorry. No slimy water plants for me. Don’t even go there.

5) I am NOT willing to get rid of my car. I love to travel. I love to drive. I love the rumble of the engine. I live where it’s very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer and I don’t like to sweat or freeze.  I don’t really like walking all that much. I will accept it and, maybe if it’s warm and sunny and not too hot or humid or windy or buggy even enjoy it but I’m still more likely to drive.

6) I am NOT willing to live in a 80 foot square space.  I have lived in crappy little one room apartments. I know it’s POSSIBLE. I like that, at any given moment, my family has the choice to congregate together or go to our separate corners of the house. I like having space. Not giving it up willingly. Don’t even go there.

7) I am NOT willing to wash less frequently. Refer to earlier posts about “smelling better” if you need to know why.  I need frequent washing as do my stinky  children.

8) I am NOT willing to eat a vegan diet.  I’m not a total carnivore like my husband but I love food.  What is life without turkey on Thanksgiving or ham on Easter? Where is the joy in pizza without pepperoni?  Every vegetable tastes better when covered in cheese! I’ve got nothing against soy or tofu but it is NOT the same as a juicy piece of meat. Don’t even go there.

9) I am NOT willing to forgo all baby gear.  I admit it! I love strapping my baby into his stroller/swing/hi-chair/bouncer and knowing that he is contained and out of trouble while I shop/poo/wash dishes/shower/etc.  I don’t leave him in there all the time but those giant plastic monstrosities are certainly this mother’s helpers!

10) I am NOT willing to stop flushing pee.  It’s gross. It’s stinky. It’s human waste. I want it out of my house immediately.  It gets flushed. I’m not going to  wait for someone to poo before we make it go away. Don’t even go there!


this website is all about EASY and PRACTICAL ideas that help you live a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  I am willing to do lots of things.  Therefore I happily share that I AM willing to do the following:

1) I am willing to make my own, biodegradable, laundry & dish soap.

2) I am willing to use “regular” soap instead of antibacterial soap when washing my hands.

3) I am willing to separate those items accepted by my local recycling center into a separate container and take them to the drop site when it’s full.

4) I am willing to buy local and/or organic when it’s available and I can afford to do so.

5) I am willing to re-purpose as many items as I can.

6) I am willing to buy only used books.

7) I am willing to use cloth diapers.

8) I am willing to turn off the water when I brush my teeth and wash the dishes.

9) I am willing to walk to nearby appointments instead of driving (when weather permits). I don’t have to love it. I’m willing to do it.  I know it’s a good thing. I can put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

10) I am willing to wear a sweater in the house in winter so the heat doesn’t need to be turned up so high.

There are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of things that fall in the “maybe someday” or “if I had the time/space/money” category.

Maybe someday I’ll use a backyard composter, drive a hybrid vehicle, grow my own organic garden, raise chickens…….    we’ll see what the future brings.

I believe that a good choice always leads to another good choice.  Everyone can help our planet in some way.  What are you willing to do? Where do you draw the line?  Do share!


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  1. I think parts of your post might be an overshare.
    But I totally agree about standing in the hot, steamy shower in the morning. Making the bathroom nice and steamy prevents me from turning up the furnace after my shower.
    I am trying to incorporate whole grains into my family’s diet. That is about all I can manage right now.

    • Whole grains are a great start! We are working on that too. I know you take very good care of your belongings so you’re not wasting so much. And you also donate toward animal care which somehow seems enviro-friendly to me.

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