The Face Of God


I saw something shocking yesterday.  Something that stuck with me all day long.  A young, just-starting-out couple was at the store buying food.  The cashier was also young – a single mother, barely out of her teens.  She rang up the couples’ items and it came to about $75 (for a few bags of food – not more than they could carry, since they were walking.  The crazy cost of food is a blog for another day!).  They looked at each other in dismay.

“There isn’t that much on the card,” the man said.

“Maybe we can overdraft our account,” replied the woman.

The cashier asked,  “How much do you have?”

“Maybe $50,” they replied.

At this point, we all expected the cashier to start helping them choose $25 worth of merchandise to return to the shelf.  Instead, she took out her own debit card and paid for $30 of their purchase.

Think of that!  She’s a young single mom working at a discount store.  She probably makes about $8 per hour.  That means she just gave some 3 ½ hours of her life to help these people.  She did it quickly. Without hesitation.  For people she obviously didn’t know, except as customers in her store. She did it for no reason at all, except that they needed help.

When they left, she cried a little.  “I’m sorry.” She said to me.  “I’m just so happy that I was able to help them!”

When I got to my car, I cried a little too.  I was humbled. I was blessed.

Last Sunday my pastor talked about love.  Whenever we see love, we see God.

Yesterday, I saw the face of God.  And it was indescribably beautiful!

Today I will go out of my way to show the face of God to someone else.

A little postscript:

Have you ever heard of the movie, “Pay it Forward?”  The idea is that if you offer an act of kindness to just THREE people today, and ask them to pay it forward to three people in the next 24 hours, and they do the same, the ENTIRE POPULATION of the planet – all seven billion + of us – will have been blessed in less than three weeks.  Less than 21 days! One person… you…. me…. CAN make a difference!  Be the face of God today.


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  1. Amazing story. 🙂 I love to hear or read about how our Great Father works in all of us. I saw the movie “Pay it forward.” Definitely something others need to know about. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Elizabeth, this is simply awesome! It constantly amazes me how God “shows up” in the midst of our everyday lives. What a reminder to be Christ to someone else. I know I am personally challenged by this. Thank you for sharing it!

    • I think it’s probably a sign that you are doing something right when, so often, you preach on Sunday and within the next 7 days I see your lessons applied in a practical way. I appreciate the way you help me remember to look for God all around me.

  3. I am a colleague of your pastor and read this from his Facebook post. What a beautiful story! BTW, I also enjoy 3 hour naps and reading fiction below my education level.

  4. It is truly a gift from God when we’re given the opportunity to to help someone. I can’t even count the number of times in my life when I’ve hesitated to reach out to someone out of some silly fear and then the opportunity passed and I did nothing. This is such a great lesson to act on what’s in our heart just because it’s the right thing to do!

  5. Once an older gentleman in line behind me paid for my groceries when I was standing there short-handed with my two kids and my pregnant belly. Fortunately I wasn’t buying much, but all he was buying was a drink and one other thing. It was the sweetest thing. I hugged him and he earnestly hugged me too.
    I also remember a woman helping me unload my grocery cart when I was trying to do so with one arm and a baby in the other.
    Another time a teenage boy took my empty cart to the cart return after I’d loaded my car and had two kids and the baby in the belly.
    It’s refreshing that when you see so much crap in the news of how horrible people can be (did you hear about the capsules of powdered baby flesh in Korea coming out of China?!) that we get witnesses of decent humanity!!

    • It is refreshing! And wonderful and beautiful and awe-inspiring. I truly believe that there is FAR more good than bad in the world and I am so wildly blessed by the goodness of those around me.

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