A Plea for Help!


Calling all hippies, cooks, vegans & crash dieters!  I need some help here!

A week or so ago, the handsome hippie hubby and I were talking and I mentioned that, lately,  I’ve just not been feeling good about myself physically. I mean, I’m never thinking that I’m all that and a bag of chips.  I’m aware of my shortcomings.  But lately I’ve just felt… huge. Bloated. Swollen. Lethargic. Achy. And mildly ill.  I struggled for a word to explain it and came up with, “toxic.”  I feel toxic.

I feel like all of the Big Macs and Red Baron Pizzas and Lofthouse Peanutbutter Fudge No-Bakes (Oh! My mouth waters at the very thought) have finally reached some sort of chemical-soaked critical mass and my bodily fluids are officially starting to pickle.

He said he knew exactly what I meant.  He’s been feeling the same way.  So we agreed to go on a “veggie fast.”  Only whole foods for one week.  He wanted to go longer, but I’m not convinced I could stick to the contract.  So for one week, only vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Today I had an apple, a banana, a spinach and arugala salad with cherry tomatos, currants and almonds. And for dinner I made a big pan of zuchini & yellow squash with green onions and pinenuts and lots of herbs and spices.

Sounds lovely, no?

Already I feel less toxic!  Really!  I’m hopeful about the week to come.

Except I can’t eat this crap all week.  Seriously! I need some help!

Turns out, all my great recipes involve meat or cheese or cream sauce or pasta or bread or some combination of those items.

I looked up “vegan recipes” and everything was either: a) salad. b) completely unnatural (I couldn’t pronounce a single word in some of the “fake” vegan foods! I’m not sure substituting chemicals for meat is a good idea). or c) sounded like grass clippings cooked in vinegar with a side of mulch.

I’m trying to detox from way too many processed foods.  Not turn into a cow.  Oh wait.  This started with me feeling like I was a cow.  Aw, shoot.  I hate it when I confuse myself.

So! Help me out!  What do you have?

Sister?  I KNOW you’ve got an idea or two.

What can I eat that does not have any chemicals, meat, eggs, dairy products or wheat?

Please don’t say salad!


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  1. A friend of mine is on a “paleo diet.” Have you heard of it? I hadn’t, either, but she finds lots of good healthy recipes online. The idea is to eat like a caveman, hence, paleo. And I gotta say, she looks good and feels good.

    • Yes. But we’re trying to avoid meat. At least for this week. We are carnivores at heart. And that diet is all about the meat. Although… now that you bring it up… that may be great for NEXT week. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. Hi lazyhippiemama! I stumbled across this post from the WordPress dashboard. I totally relate to how you feel, and I do the same thing you are in response to it! I like drinking a lot of green smoothies (spinach/kale + ripe banana + almond milk + whatever other smothie ingredients you like)….or you can check out my humble collection of vegetarian/vegan recipes on my blog? Anyway, I hope you keep feeling better!

  3. I remember that feeling well. It’s the one I still get when we eat meat and cheese on the weekends (as we do sometimes to defeat cravings). I’ve got some stuff on my blog if you need some suggestions. I’m with you on the fakey “healthy” options. There are some dishes that naturally lend themselves to vegetarian eating – think chili as an example. Rice and beans can be made into just about any kind of food you like, especially when you add fresh veggies and spice. I second the green smoothie vote as something that will give you maximum detox in a yum way. Good luck!

      • Just make sure you get some good sweet fruit in there – pineapple is a good one, or frozen cherries (which will make it a little brown). I’ve got a couple specific “recipes” for these on my site, if you want specifics. If it makes you feel more adventurous about it, my five year old kids love them, and one of them is VERY picky.

  4. Green smoothies are pretty good. Start with a mild green like baby spinach and go for a fruit that will puree well if you have an aversion to drinking texture. LOL Banana’s and frozen mango are my faves. I found a website recently in my attempts to eat better (so hard, since I am going it alone) it has recipes for raw foods (yes there are even desserts, I recommend the carrot cake bars,and the brownie bites) Yum! If you have a craving for pasta you could try spaghetti squash with homemade marinara. It’s not exactly the same but comes pretty close. Soup is always a good choice too and you can chuck pretty much any kind of veg in there. Baked potatoes topped with vegetarian chili would be great too! Anyway, here is the link to the raw food recipes: http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/recipes.html

    • Try adding flax seeds or chia seeds to your smoothies, and salads. They give you a bit of healthy fat that would help you stay full longer too. (I’ve found flax at Meijer, I think most grocery stores carry it now. But chia seeds I had to get at Health Foods by Claudia in Toledo)

      • Thanks for all the tips! I’ll check it out and give it a go. It’s great to know I’m not all alone out there in the food universe. 🙂

  5. We at my house love to juice. All natural stick the whole thing I. The blender and juice it. We also my freeze pops for snacks

  6. When I was eating vegan for awhile, I loved my eggs…all natural you know. Also there is a vegan soup at The Golden Wok in Adrian that is to die for. I’m sure you could eat it once…and find out what is in it and duplicate it. And Lentil soup is wonderful…lots of protein. Keep on keeping on….I felt much better when i did that. And for future reference….how about eating vegan 4 or 5 days and meaty for two days. Its the carbs that I crave….and salty ones like chips and cheeze-its.

    • No eggs for now. Only plant stuff. But the lentil soup sounds great! Maybe I’ll make a pot to share tomorrow. Maybe. If I get ambitious. I miss cheese. I love cheese. Hot, cold, spicy, mild, gooey, crumbly… ahh. Cheese.

      • You don’t have to be ambitious to make lentil soup… they cook up much quicker than a regular bean. Here’s one of my fave ways to have them (for when we do veggie night) http://www.food.com/recipe/pasta-with-lentils-pasta-con-lenticche-lidia-bastianich-422506 Although since you aren’t doing pasta, you could serve over brown rice, or I love it even plain. This does make alot though. I usually make the whole batch, have half for dinner and freeze the other half for a fast dinner some other time. But you could just halve the recipe to see if you even like it.

      • I’ll try it! I have to admit… I feel awesome. I have more energy than ever and the pounds are sliding off. The original goal had nothing to do with weight loss, but I’ll take it!

      • Awesome! The feeling great part is fab, but the weight loss is super! I need to buckle down and be better about it myself. I did really good for a week and then I slipped back into the same ole thing again. Am I tired again? Yep, most days. =(

  7. you have lots of good suggestions – and your week is nearly over, right? still, can’t help but respond. i skimmed the comments, don’t think i saw tofu or nut butters. you can put both in smoothies. also, what about whole grains? Not sure why you’re avoiding whole wheat (gluten?), but there are lots of yummy gluten-free grains: quinoa (complete protein), millet (love it) and teff. also, GF oats.

    as a side note: when we want to get rid of that toxic feeling you describe we simply avoid ALL processed food, anything with simple sugar, simple carbs (like white rice, bagels or pasta), caffeine and alchohol. we eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, nuts, eggs, and fish (i’m sort of a vegetarian). we don’t eat anything from a box or anything with a long ingredient list (which eliminates most cheeses). the first time i did this, i aimed for 3 months. by the end of that i felt SOOO good i didn’t want to stop. it was another 2 months before i drank a beer and that way of eating became a guide for my regular eating habits (it wasn’t such a drastic change, so i could keep it up).

    sorry if that too much info. i just thought the above might be easier for you since it would allow you a little more leeway and would get you great results. it’s hard to eat just fruits and vegetables! – but i hope it’s going well and you’re feeling good!

    • I can totally relate. I told my husband that I only wanted to do a week because I didn’t think I had the will power to go longer than that. But I find myself feeling so good I want to go on. Now that I’m starting to be educated a little past “salad” I’m thinking maybe a month. Or longer. I guess we’ll see. I can imagine myself adding fish back in. And maybe chicken eventually. I was avoiding tofu because it’s very unfamiliar to me, but I bought some yesterday and I’m going to give it a go. Thanks for the good wishes and all the great suggestions!

  8. Remember to include some sort of protein in your meals (legumes, tofu, etc…) so you feel ‘full.’ Try increasing your consumption of grapefruit (i.e. one a day) and raw veggie snacks. That will keep you full and give your digestive system a work out. For easy, veggie (sorry, not wheat free) recipes check out my other blog http://blog.canadianparents.com/veggiemama/ Great stew and chili ideas – there is life beyond salad;)

    • Thanks. I’ve only just ventured into the world of tofu. It’s very new to me. But all these great links and suggestions from everyone are a huge help. I’m feeling so great I’m thinking about extending my week.

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  10. I’m glad your inspired – I’ll look for the Holandaise sauce. enjoy cooking & happy detox. (ps. I just ate half a tray of vegan bread pudding for breakfast, so although something may be vegan/veg is *not* always healthy;) Enjoy your journey!

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  12. Some ethnic foods lend themselves to vegan cooking really well. Last night I had some thai spicy green beans with chicken tofu–I wanted to crawl inside the bowl. Well now I’m ravenous from reading these comments. I’m going to go gorge on something.

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