“Me Dad’s a Muggle, Me Mum’s a Witch” – Part One


Sam (AKA: Elizabeth Montgomery) was the grooviest witch/hippie mama EVER!

Hippie hubby and I saw the first “Harry Potter” movie together after we’d been married for a few years.  There is a wonderful scene when all the children first arrive at Hogwarts and they are getting to know each other.  One boy says, “Me dad’s a muggle. Me mum’s a witch.  Bit of a shock for him when he found out!”  I heard my husband laughing and looked over at him.  “That reminds me of you!” he said.

It was a compliment.  I know him well enough to know that he’s delighted with my witchcraft.

I figure, at this point, my Christian friends are cringing.  But I’m hoping you will all stick with me to the end of this one.  This is a concept sort-of at the core of my whole lifestyle and I have thought for a long time (much longer than I’ve been blogging) about how to explain it properly.

Please don’t get hung up on the word, “witch,” and whatever negative or positive connotations you place with it.  Just read with an open mind and a spirit of love.

I am a Christian.  I believe in God.  I believe in the power of the resurrected Christ.  I believe in the Holy Spirit that was sent as a counselor and comforter.   I believe prayer is a gift and an honor:  One of the greatest gifts a loving Creator could have bestowed.

You have to know that about me to understand where I’m coming from here.

If you believe differently I still hope you’ll stick with me today.  I believe free will is another great gift. Again, I just ask that you read with an open mind and a spirit of love.

(This whole post will make WAY more sense if you read my post on quantum physics first.  It’s rather tongue-in-cheek but the science bits about energy etc are true.)

So here we go….

Imagine taking the knowledge that you have now and going back in time to Salem, MA in 1692.  You can take a little bag of supplies with you.  When you get there, a mother is dying from an infection she contracted while giving birth.  You give her the bottle of penicillin from your first aid kit and she gets better.  An old man gets a bad scare and has a heart attack.  You rush to perform CPR and his heart starts beating again.  On a lazy afternoon you string up 2 paper cones and a piece of yarn between the homes of 2 little girls and make a “telephone” for them to play with.  Maybe, if you’re smarter and more ambitious than me you could build a rudimentary light bulb and make it glow with the electricity in a potato.  And then you get burned at the stake as a witch.

Of course, with the knowledge that we have acquired over the centuries we have come to understand that none of those things are supernatural or evil in any way.  One of my favorite books, by Dean Koontz, is called, “The Taking.”  In it, he makes a statement to the effect that technology, if it surpasses our own by a great enough measure, appears to us to be magic.

Still with me?  Great!

OK.  So…. Some (most?) plants have medicinal properties.  Cinnamon warms the body and eases blood flow.  Garlic fights infection and helps your body produce normal cells.  And so forth.  We’ve all seen the stories on the news or read about them one place or another.

Homeopathic healers take that idea further.  They say that plants and also minerals, and even animals, all have a certain attractive, or repellant, energy on a quantum level.  It’s not so far fetched, according to the science of the past 50 years.  Let’s use the plant arnica as an example because it’s a very commonly used medicinal herb.  Arnica has been used since people were dressing in mammoth skins (literally) as a treatment for bruises and swelling.  An herbalist would make a tea or poultice.  But, just like any drug (many of which are derived from plants), it can have side effects.

A homeopathic practitioner would take ONE DROP of essential oil from the arnica plant and put it in 100 drops of perfectly distilled water.  Then they would take one drop from that mixture and put it in 100 drops of water.  Then take one drop from that mixture and so forth.  They would say that, each time they repeat this process, the remedy gets stronger.  This is because they are not using the physical properties of the arnica as a healing agent.  They are using the energy of the arnica, which is amplified through the conductor of the clean water.  And because you are only giving the patient energy they can’t be overdosed or have an allergic reaction.  Their bodies will simply absorb the energies they require to heal themselves and the rest will dissipate back into the universe

What does science say about this?  Every year, with every new study, more and more are beginning to take it seriously.  My best friend just told me today that she has been using homeopathic teething remedy on her 1 ½ year old baby with great success.  She told me it soothes him almost instantly.  Why? Because he doesn’t need to digest it.  The instant he comes in contact with the energy offered he has access to what he needs to comfort himself.

Doctors are becoming more and more aware that the smells, colors and sounds around a person can very strongly affect their physical state of being.  Energy affects us in powerful ways.

Crazy talk?

Before Jonas Salk you would have been called crazy if you injected yourself with a live virus!  But I bet you have been. And I bet that most of you have injected your newborn infants with them too.  Most people in the modern world say it’s crazy NOT to do it.  Because we now understand the science.

Still with me?  This is a long one.  I know.  Thanks for hanging in there!

Back to witchcraft.

Witches make brews.

They may make a love potion.  Or a charm to attract prosperity.  Or a ward to keep your enemies away.

Do you know what goes into these brews?  The VAST majority of the time they are made of stuff you would find in your local health food store.  Cinnamon is a common ingredient.  Ginger root.  Chamomile. Valerian.  Salt.

Not so scary, eh?

I once read of a “witch’s spell” that had to do with using chamomile to help aid sleep.  Know what my daughter’s pediatrician recommended for aiding sleep when she was a baby?

Go on.  Guess!

What if we could make a “medicine” to treat a lack of abundance?  Or to keep people out of our lives who bring us negative experiences?  Or to draw friends near?  Or to create a hedge of protection around a loved one in a dangerous situation?

Is it so far outside the realm of possibility?

Taking it a step further if our thoughts have measurable mass and effect on our environment, then adding a powerful, focused thought to an herb or mineral that is ALREADY vibrating at a certain frequency would make it that much more powerful.  And a spoken word even more so.  And the thoughts and/or words of many, at the same time, would increase its strength exponentially.

So imagine, your little girl is sad.  Really upset.  Things just haven’t gone her way all day.  Other children picked on her.  She fell and scraped her knee.  She didn’t like what they had at lunch that day.  It was just a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.  So you take some thyme, and maybe a little sage or maybe some lavender if she’s a bit hysterical and you rub it on your hands and then you massage her back and through her hair and down her arms and into her palms. You speak kind words.  “It’s going to get better.  You are loved.  You are blessed.  You are such a special, wonderful girl.  Tomorrow will be a better day. Someday soon those bullies will just fade from your life.”  Maybe you hold her tightly against your chest and say a prayer for her spirits to lift.

I’ve done this.  My daughter felt better.  Was it the herbs? Was it the words? Was it the love? Was it the prayer?  Maybe it was all of those things.

Is that witchcraft?

There was a time when my husband was just bleak because it seemed no matter what he did or how hard he tried he just couldn’t make decent money at his job as a server.  I made him a charm from herbs that attract prosperity.  I spoke words of prosperity over him. I said a prayer for him and I sent him to work with his charm in his pocket.  He had the best shift he’d ever had at that job.

Is that witchcraft?

Does it work all the time?  Nope.  Not for me anyway.  And I have found (and learned that others have found the same) that I can’t “cast” for my own gain.  I don’t know why.  I also don’t know why I need a gallbladder.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason.  Another thing I have learned: my prayers are often answered.  But they are MORE often answered when spoken aloud and accompanied by a charm.  Is this so weird?   Is it so different from a blessing of sacred oil or holy water from a priest?  I think, sometimes, we silly humans just need a tangible object to help us pray more clearly.  Homeopathic practitioners would say, along the same lines, that you don’t need to actually ingest the remedy.  Simply having it made for you is enough.  But somehow, ingesting it makes it more “real.”  And, since thoughts are things, believing that something is real actually makes it real.

Maybe in a hundred years, or a thousand, a doctor’s office will look a little like a something from Hogwarts.  Perhaps doctors will touch the tip of a broken nose with their forefinger and say, “mend!” and the nose will be healed.  Maybe they’ll brew a potion in the moonlight (because the moon effects gravity and the mass and movement of liquid – science, my friends, not witchcraft) and it will re-grow missing limbs.  It sounds crazy to us, but remember Jonas Salk.

So there it is:  As the Kitchen Witch would say, I’ve come out of the broom closet.  I hope you still want to be my friend.  If you need a little charm, or a ward, or a “magic” potion, give me a call.  I’ll see what I can brew up for you under then next full moon.

There is more!  So very much more.  There are other things, besides prayers and potions. There are powers “beyond.”  And there is a dark side.  My thoughts on all that are coming in Part Two.


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  1. Lol! I love it…but then again, I would! If you’ve ever seen Practical Magic, there’s a line in there towards the end where one of the aunts says something like “there’s a little witch in every woman”. People will always quibble over definitions and stereotypes…but if you’ve ever put your love into a batch of brownies for the kids to take in their school lunch, or into a pot of chicken noodle-iciousness for a house of sick kids (I also recommend adding some grated ginger), etc., you’ve tapped into that little witch.

  2. I believe the internal combustion engine is magic. I mean, there are gases and chemical reactions going on inside of it that we can’t see. Isn’t that magic? My husband, who can take an engine apart and reassemble it again, would disagree with me.

    My dog was peeing blood a few years ago. The vet had no idea what was causing it. So she put my dog on herbal suppliments to promote a healthy urinary system. It totally worked and she got better. The guy at the herbal store was very psyched that the vet was prescribing natural treatment.

    I have anxiety. I have always yearned for an on-the-spot treatment, not one I had to take every day for the three times a week I might need it. Maybe a thyme/sage/lavender massage would do the trick. But my husband would never want to administer it.

    I don’t find it hard to believe in powerful thoughts or herbal cures at all. I do have trouble believing there is a God. Or that words people wrote over 2000 years ago in a different language haven’t been distorted by every ruling class along the way.

    • I know lots of people that feel like you. But I also know you well enough to know that you do believe in God. You just have a different name. You believe in an all Powerful Force. Karma. An omnipresent Energy. To me, that is God. Sort of. As for the Bible thing… ahhh…. that’s a whole blog in itself!

  3. I love this post. I used a homeopathic remedy on my daughter when she was born with a hemangioma (a type of tumor) on her upper lip. They usually disappear but can take years. The remedy shrunk it in a month and I have no idea how. I also have no idea how my cell phone works. Energy is amazing.

    • Isn’t it, though? Think of all the things we have in our every-day lives that would be considered magic 100 years ago. Cell phones and ipods and computers and instant streaming (let alone tvs!). Isn’t it wonderful to consider what we will learn next? I’m so glad that you had such a great experience with homeopathy. I love that it is becoming more and more “mainstream.”

  4. congrats on sticking your black booted toe out of that broom closet! religion/faith/spirituality: all such personal things. people can, unfortunately, get defensive and/or judgemental so quickly. so i think this is a really brave post. i hope it only meets with kindness. and i’m with you on the energy, the herbs, and the open mind.

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