“Me Dad’s a Muggle, Me Mum’s a Witch” – Part Two


Maybe if her husband had bought her some pretty shoes instead of spending all his money on a noisy leaf blower the whole mess could have been avoided!

If you’ve just stumbled in, welcome!  I recommend you start with Part One, or this isn’t going to make any sense at all.

So, in Part One, I admitted that I’ve brewed a potion or two.  But anyone who’s ever watched the CW knows there is more to witchcraft then that.

The Bible says, very clearly, “thou shall not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus 22:17)

Here’s what I believe about that:

First, if you read the original Greek word that we translate as “witch”, m’khashepah, and put it in the context of the time in which it was originally written, it is referring to someone who specifically casts spells, calling upon spirits, to cause harm or loss of property to a person. It is not talking about any of the stuff from Part One.

I think that there are a lot of people who read the Bible and see a vengeful God smiting folks left and right.  “If you do this, you will be struck down!”  Maybe they are right. There was a time when I read it that way too. But I’ve seen it a little differently since I’ve had children of my own.  I would never smite my children. (Well… they’re still young,  so I can’t say NEVER.  But I’m pretty confident.) But every day, maybe every waking hour I give a “smiting” statement.  “Don’t touch the stove or you will be burned!” “Don’t run into the street or you will be run over!”  “Don’t hang from the chandelier.  It will break and hurt you.”  I’m not threatening my children.  I am warning them of the natural, unavoidable consequence of their intended action.  I warn them because I love them more than anything else in the whole world!  And I believe that our Creator feels the same way about us, the created children.  We are warned of the severe consequences of our actions.

Some people have “powers.”  Perhaps they can see the future or speak with the dead.  I cannot.  I would not try.  These abilities were not given to me and I wouldn’t want them.  It seems extraordinarily foolhardy to me to try to acquire them.  If God wanted me to have them He would have given them to me.  If I need them in the future for some Good (read: Godly) purpose I don’t think I’ll have to go looking for them.  I think there are a few very rare gifts given only to a few very rare people that can handle them.  I do not think that these abilities are evil.

Was King David evil?  Was Joseph, of the many colored coat?  How about Ezekiel? Or Daniel? Or the Apostle John?  They all “saw” the future.  For them, it was a spiritual gift, given to help reconcile the human race to God.  Perhaps there are those who misuse their gifts.  But is the same not true of so many other gifts?  There are accountants that misuse their gift for numbers in order to “cook the books.”  That doesn’t make accounting inherently evil.  Boring. But not evil.  Hahaha.

I believe the same of the ability to speak to the dead.  Have you ever read any of John Edward’s books?  He is a man of unshakable faith.  He goes to church. He prays.  And since he was a very young child he could hear the voices of the dead.  For whatever reason, the veil is a little thinner for him.  He does his very best to use his gift to help others.  I have read what he has written and I see no evil or malice… only love.  And God is love. And love is God.  They are inseparable.  (1 John 4:8)

The Bible does have one story that I know of, of the dead being “called upon.”  It is found in 1 Samuel 28.  The dead guy was NOT happy to have been disturbed.  The Bible doesn’t say the dead CAN’T be contacted.  It says they SHOULDN’T be contacted.  Remember the “smiting” thing?  God warns us for our benefit.  I wouldn’t advise you go looking for ghosts.  If God wanted you to talk to them, you wouldn’t have to go “raising them up.”  If there is a good (read: “Godly”) purpose for you to commune with a soul on the other side you will be able to without the help of séance or ouiji board.  (More on ouiji boards in a moment)

Now… every “good” witch will tell you that there IS a dark side.

There are dark spirits, actual conscious beings able to think and act. They are apart from God.  They have chosen to separate themselves from Him.  They have no love.  They can be called upon, by name, to perform the bidding of a human.  They can communicate with people. They can manipulate the physical world.  They are evil.  It is their sole intent to harm us.  They are unimaginably powerful.  I think that it is an illusion that some “witches” have, that they can control these beings.  It’s dangerous to them and to everyone around them.  When those spirits are called and sent to do the bidding of a person a portal to a dark place is opened.  A place that God has warned us against opening.  I believe that He gave the command to execute witches as a protection.  (And think about how bad that dark place must be if the Creator would rather see His creation destroyed than allow that portal to be opened!) If a witch invites evil into the world, everyone is in horrible terrible danger.  Not just their bodies, but their immortal souls.  Because only He has the Power to control those spirits.  Jesus commanded them.  No one else should try to, except perhaps to drive them out in His name.

People who attempt to control these spirits… who ask favors of them and send them off to do their bidding….  THEY are witches in the Biblical sense of the word.  Run away!  Run fast and far and don’t look back.  God warned you.  Little ol’ Lazy Hippie Mama warned you.  Stay away from the spirits.  Pray to God, through Jesus.  If you need angels, God will send them to your aid.  He (or she, if you prefer) sees you and knows you and loves you and will give you the help you require.  THAT is the ONLY contact you should attempt to make.  Throw away your ouiji board!  Burn it.  The very thought of such an object is terrifying to me.

That is the kind of witch I am NOT.

There is one other kind of “witch” that comes to mind.  The one that worships all things of the “goddess” and/or the Earth.  Being a Christian, I’m going to return to scripture once again.  Romans, chapter 1, speaks of the awe-inspiring beauty of creation and it warns us of forgetting the Creator.  I would never strive to be just like a painting, no matter how extraordinary.  But I would aspire to follow in the footsteps of a great painter, like Monet or DiVinci.  Likewise, I can admire all that is good in nature.  I can appreciate it.  I can be “in tune” with it.  I can be a steward of it. But I don’t WORSHIP it.  I worship the One who made it.

As far as “the goddess” is concerned, I have no issue with her.  That’s why I often type, “Father (or Mother if you prefer).”  I think God is fully capable of expressing the very best of all that is male AND female.  To me, God is a-sexual.  I refer to God as “Him” or “Father” because I was raised in a tradition where that was common and it’s what is familiar to me.  In the book of John, we are told God is the Word. And the Word is God. And the Word is With God…. And the Word became flesh (Jesus).  So, when God grew skin (as it were), God was male. But before that God was God.  God Is The Great I AM.

I hope that I’ve helped you move past the semantics of a word much vilified.  I hope that I’ve opened your eyes to a future-world where technology and magic are not so far apart.  I hope that I’ve spoken Truth and Love.

Well.  That’s it.  My completely unsolicited and rather long-winded thoughts on witchcraft and the Christian church.  I pray that my thoughts now and always are a blessing to you.

If you stuck with me through all 3,000+ words of Part One and Part Two, I thank you.  You, dear followers, are the Best! 🙂


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  1. The word witch has so many negative connotations to it, why refer to yourself as one at all? Why not “natural healer” which is much more accurate anyway. Btw, I was very intrigued when I started reading part 1 because my husband, in the past, has referred to me as a witch doctor, LOL. I haven’t gotten into homeopathy at all though, just trying to treat ailments with the food we eat. (which you are doing a great job of, with the way you are eating for your week {or more}). Homeopathy just seems like so much more knowledge than I think I am capable of remembering, it intimidates me honestly.
    On another note, I also refer to God as Him, or Father. Does not Jesus, when asked by the disciples to teach them how to pray, start out with “Our Father..” But I do agree that he encompasses all that is male and female. He made us in His image, we are merely two halves of a whole.
    Love the thoughts you express in your blog! Keep ’em coming!

    • I don’t really, usually, refer to myself as a witch. It was just the word I needed to use to express this thought. It all started cooking in my brain when I heard some people talking about things that I think of as natural and they seemed to think it was evil. It made me realize that many folks are still “burning witches at the stake.” I thought of what my husband had said and that those people would think of me as evil. So I wrote it all out, at least partly, in an attempt to define for myself what is science and what is supernatural? What are the powers that we have as creatures, in the image of God? What activities does the Bible specifically discourage?
      Sheesh! That was almost a whole other blog! hahaha. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. If Blizzard Bill Spencer predicts the weather and he is correct, is he a witch? (Flowers do grow out of his jacket!)

    God is male and female? Whoa, God’s f’d up. Males and females argue living in the same house, so I can’t imagine the turmoil of them in the same body.

    • Well, I don’t think B.B. is a witch because he never gets the weather right. But he is very entertaining and he exudes happiness and warmth in his broadcast so I watch him anyway.
      Maybe if you’re in the same body you remove the barriers that make us fight? Hmmm. I don’t know. I’m just a lazy hippie. 😛

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