Inspiring Blogger & Reader Appreciation Awards


Today is one of those perfectly lovely days.  Everyone in the family is healthy and feeling good.  It’s warm and sunny.  Hippie Daughter had her last day of school and we have a whole a summer together still ahead of us.  My sweet Hippie Baby turns 1-year-old today.  And now…

… not one but TWO awards from two of my favorite bloggers!

The Inspiring Blogger award comes from BellyButtonBlues.  If you haven’t already discovered her I recommend you take a moment.  She’s LOTS of fun!

So the rules of this particular award state that I should link back to my nominator… done.  I also need to share some things you don’t know about me.  Uhm… I am horrible about over-sharing, so I really had to think hard to come up with something that people don’t know about me.  But here’s a few things:

I was diagnosed with potentially terminal kidney disease as a toddler but was, rather miraculously, healed later in childhood.

I always wanted to be an archeologist when I was growing up.  In my mid-twenties someone asked me why I didn’t do it and I became rather depressed when I realized the only reason I didn’t follow through was because I’d forgotten my dream.

I’m not terribly fond of being outdoors, except in the most perfect of conditions.  Which means it’s probably a very good thing that the aforementioned dream was never realized.

Finally, I need to pay it forward.  Here are a few blogs that I find especially inspiring:

GeoChristian: A blog about science, Christianity and other topics.  They are folks striving to understand the truth about science and religion and how it all connects.

Musings of a Kitchen Witch: thoughts on parenting, paganism, witchcraft, nature, cooking, crafting and life by the sea.  She is clever and refreshing and thoughtful in everything she writes.

Island Fairy: The ramblings of a mum raising two girls in the middle of the Mediterranean (on a rock, not in the sea). Just look at her tag-line.  To a woman living next to a corn field in Michigan she sounds like a character from a wonderful fairy tale!  I find her much more easy to relate to, though, than than the average fairy tale princess.

Vicky… the Northern Chicky: Wacky diary of adventures moving to Myrtle Beach (or Cape Cod) with 5 kids!  She’ll make you smile.  I promise!

From future.flying.saucers. comes the Reader Appreciation Award.  Because of her I laugh and I learn and I am challenged to think and those are all good things which I do, indeed appreciate!

So I’m supposed to tell you a few more things…. uhm….  well….

My favorite color is dark purple.

I could watch the polar bears at the zoo for hours and never get bored.

I’m a little bit of a Facebook stalker.

I am crazy for the scent of lilacs.

And now to pass it on to some of my readers whom I appreciate so very much and whose blogs I’ve no doubt you will love as much as I do.

Friffle Thoughts. Refreshing thoughts on… well… just about everything.

Not So Fancy Nancy. Nancy might not be fancy, but she has some very interesting things to say.  My favorite of her very recent stuff was when she admitted her sister is a clown.  And the dog too!

The Laotian Commotion: A lao girl’s journey from heavy partying to peaceful parenting.    I only discovered this great blog about a week ago but I’m totally hooked.  She makes me think and helps me grow and lets me know I’m not the only one who puts pictures of my baby’s bum on the internet.

Coffee Powered Mom: getting through the day, one cup at a time.  I can relate.  Oh, how well I can relate!

So there it is!  I hope you take a few minutes and browse around these sites.  They really are fabulous.

And thanks again for the awards.  You helped make a very nice day even nicer!


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    • You are very welcome! Maybe we need to set up a vacation exchange. You can experience the serenity of watching the cows graze and I’ll listen to the sea for a while. When we get home sick we can switch back. 🙂

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