Fast Friday – Get Your Hippie On!


A Hippie Tip: All good hippie children should have dirty faces, smeared with fresh berry juice, in the summertime!

It is my intention to publish a post every weekday, but somehow Friday always falls by the wayside.  Friday is the day that I have the most work to do at my actual, paying, job so I tend to be there a little later than usual.  It’s also the day that we tend to spend running around the county doing errands, buying groceries and generally having fun.  While this is all very nice, it doesn’t leave much time for writing.  And I’m not nearly organized enough, at this point in my life, to have a store of posts written ahead of time.  So I’ve decided to introduce Fast Fridays.

I really do love alliteration.

Fast Fridays will be short posts that don’t require me to do a whole lot of research.  Since this one is already well in excess of 100 words I’ll just leave you with this:

It’s Friday!  It’s summer!  Put on some fabulous music, go outside barefoot in your most colorful clothing and enjoy this day on earth with the people you love most.  Get your hippie on!

Have a beautiful weekend, dear readers.


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  1. i am amazed by how often you post. i try to post twice a week, and i can barely keep up with that. and you are right, hippie children smeared with berry juice – one of my favorite things.

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