I really offered no help at all in the earth-friendly treatment of the ich in question. However, I truly love the idea of Hippie Mama badges being passed out to all my eco-conscious pals. I think, maybe, funnygurl has started something beautiful! 🙂

I'm not stalking you.

I learned that ich looks like fish dandruff. I learned that it can be cured by simply picking up a bottle of carcinogenic chemicals at the store and dumping them into my tank. With limited Internet research, I learned that you can most times also cure ich by keeping your aquarium above 86 degrees and adding 2-3 Tbls aquarium salt per 5 gallons (I have a 5 gallon tank). This treatment is supposed to be done for 10 days or until 3 days after the white spots disappear from your fish.

We are on day four of treatment. I can’t tell if his white spots are going away or if he is getting more. Hopefully this will be the last batch. Ich grows in cycles, like fleas.

I asked the Lazy Hippie Mama if I cured ich without chemicals if I could get a badge for it, like the…

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