How To Face A New Week OR Great Ways to Get Your Hippie On


An excellent example of hippie art from

It’s Monday.  Are you looking ahead at the long dark tunnel of the coming week, wondering if there is light at the other end?  Do you need a boost?  Lazy Hippie Mama is here to help you! Here are 5 great ways to instantly feel better by channeling your inner hippie.

#1 – Put the maximum amount of your skin in contact with the earth.  I’m not a big fan out the outdoors. It’s hot and there are bugs.  Ew.  HOWEVER, it is undeniable that going into the yard and sprawling in the warm grass, letting the sunlight soak into my pores and taking a few deep breaths of fresh air will make me feel stronger every time.  You don’t need to get dirty or be out there for hours.  Just take a moment or two and re-connect with that from which you came.

#2 – Do something kind for an animal.  Even if you are in the city and the only animal you can find is a pigeon, toss him a crumb or two.  Save a drying worm from the hot pavement by putting it back in the grass.  Take a moment to scratch your dog on his most itchy spot.  It just makes you feel good.

#3 – Draw a picture.  For maximum hippie effect it should be obscenely colorful and slightly deranged.  This is an excellent way to get your hippie on while stuck in an office cubicle.  Flourescent highlighters are the perfect tool.  Make sure that every tiny part of the paper is covered with color.  When you’re done, just look at what you made.  It will make you smile.  If you’re brave, hang it up so that passersby can smile too.

#4 – Put a flower in your hair.  You can’t help but feel a little pretty and somewhat whimsical with a flower in your hair.  This may have a different effect on men, but I bet it will still give you a little smile to know that everyone is wondering about the guy with the flower in his hair.

#5 – Make music.  Listening to music is great, but nothing wakes up your inner hippie like actually creating music yourself.  It doesn’t have to be good music, as long as it comes from your heart.  If you, like me, are pathetically tone-deaf and rather shy about it, go in your car and belt it out like Aretha.  Or make your music purely percussion.  You don’t even need drums.  If the guys from “Stomp” can make music on a garbage can, so can you!

#6 – Make love, not war.  Few things can destroy your mojo faster than a failure to be connected with your spouse or…. well.. you know… a bad itch that hasn’t been recently scratched, so to speak.  So, right this second (well… right after you click “like” and share this list on your Facebook page), you should find your spouse and make them an offer they can’t refuse.  Kids around?  This is an awesome opportunity to totally gross them out by playing kissy-face right in front of them.  For maximum effect, make sure the kissing noises are excellently loud.  No kids right now?  Make other, more adult, excellently loud noises.  Is your spouse currently at work or otherwise unavailable?  There’s nothing like a spicy text in the middle of the day.  No partner available?  Well… sometimes there is no one who knows what you need better than you do, if you catch my drift.  I bet you anything, you’ll feel better when you’re done.. uh… doing… uhm…. whatever it is that you choose to do.

Go now, my hippie friends, and fill the world with your peace and love and rest assured that, no matter what happens, there are only four more days until Friday!


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