Fast Friday – I Traveled The World Today! Sorta.


I’ve always wanted to see the world.

I’ve been to a handful of different countries and all over the USA.

I loved it!

I love traveling!

I love meeting the people and seeing the differences in cultures and eating the food and hearing the music.

I love staying in hotels:  The smell of the fresh, clean sheets and the tiny little soaps and an endless supply of ice.


But these days, travel is pretty much limited to where we can go on Handsome Hippie Hubby’s two days off each week.


My little blog goes all over the world!

Where?   Well… so far I’ve gone to

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Russian Federation, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Malta, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Israel, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Austria, South Africa, Italy, Panama, Chile, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Afghanistan, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Indonesia, Oman, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Colombia, Cyprus, Pakistan, Puerto Rico. New Zealand, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, and Malaysia.

If I were truly computer savvy I would figure out how to import this seriously awesome map that shows me where my readers are from. Since I’m not, we’ll have to make do with this crappy photo.

How cool is that?!  I never expected blogging to take me all over the world.  It’s a totally unexpected perk.

But do you know what would be even more fabulously wonderful?

 Traveling all over the world in this totally awesome Weiner Mobile!

There’s one thing I really love about summer! It is the time of year when all four kids are with us all the time. Here they are. Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t they look THRILLED that I made them stand next to the Wiener Mobile while I took pictures of them in the Cracker Barrel parking lot?

Happy weekend, dear readers.  Thank you for taking me on this adventure.  I appreciate each one of you!   I’ll see you on Monday.


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