“You Weren’t Like This a Year Ago”


Image from ThirdCoast Digest.  Just look at that smile!  How could anyone resist?

John Tesh Strikes Again.We’ve already established that John Tesh Makes Me Giggle.  He just does.  He’s funny! I’m not sure he intends to be funny, but he is.  He offers great “Intelligence for Your Life” sometimes.  But sometimes…. well….  for example:

If you want to know the key to eternal life, click the link above.

Yesterday I learned something new from Mr. Tesh.  Apparently, there is a hidden dark side to organics.  They can change you in a way that you never expected. Organic vegetables may have an effect on you that will ultimately drive away everyone you ever cared about.

“People who eat organic become judgmental of those who don’t.”

I bet you didn’t know your produce was turning you into a b*tch!

You’ve been warned.

Thank you, John Tesh!

Well, the truth is, we’ve all met “those people.”  You know the ones… they drive $50,000 cars and get a manicure every week and they simply can’t believe that some parents would stoop so low as to send a baggie full of Coco Puffs to school as a snack for their child instead of a re-usable stainless steel container of organic apple slices.  After all, don’t they love their child enough to spend the extra money on healthy foods?

The reality is that a baggie of cereal is a fraction of the cost of an organic apple.  Consider also that families receiving WIC are forbidden from buying organics.  (I’m told, by a WIC nutritionist, that this is because there is absolutely no evidence that they are healthier.  Hmmm….   not so sure about that, dear government official.  Better check your research again.)  Families receiving help from a food bank may not have any choice at all over what food they have.  They are just thankful to have food.  I know.  We’ve been there.

Gorgeous Not-So-Hippie Teenager made the comment yesterday, in regard to my hippie ways, “You weren’t like this a year ago.”

It’s true.  I wasn’t.  Since I’ve started this blog I find myself reading and researching in order to write accurately.  What I have learned has changed me. I get mad about people watering their brown lawns during our current drought.  I refuse to buy certain soaps or personal products because of the chemicals in them.   I use fewer plastic baggies and encourage my kids to eat more organic produce and less processed food.  But it’s vitally important to me to not let the organics change me into a judgmental jerk.  I must always remember that people are doing the best they can with what they have… be it money, time, knowledge, skill, etc.  I haven’t always had the options available to me that I have now.  And even now, there are many people who live a MUCH healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle than me.  There is always room to improve.

So thank you, John Tesh.  I will make sure to keep my attitude in check as I increase my consumption of organics, lest the lack of pesticides in my diet turn me mean.


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  1. As a fellow Mama that tries to feed my family the best I can with what is available and that fits my budget, I find your view refreshing and very similar to my own. Feeding our families shouldn’t be so we can judge others about what they feed theirs. I LOVE organic produce, especially local for the sole purpose of my family’s health and environmental reasons.

    There will always be people out there that think they are somehow superior whether the eat organically or not. But abundant thanks Mr Tesh for educating the masses that those of us that choose to eat as close to nature are judgemental…just lovely.

    Great post!

  2. From the title of the post, I thought this was going to be a blog where you told Gorgeous Not-So-Hippie Teenager that she wasn’t a whiny teenager a year ago. You always surprise me.

  3. It’s tempting to look in someone else’s grocery cart and think, “How can you eat that?” I had to use food stamps once and I was very conscious of what I put in my cart, worried that someone would judge my choices.

    • Yes. In that case, you worry that they will judge you BECAUSE you are buying the more expensive, healthier food. It’s crazy! I am as guilty as anyone, I suppose. I’m a work in progress. 🙂

  4. I think this is a common sentiment…and I know trying to convert to exclusively natural products/organic foods can be a very overwhelming endeavor. Baby steps! This blog post may be helpful: http://frugalnature.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/baby-steps-when-switching-over-to-natural-personalbeauty-products/. There’s a very fine line between sharing ideas and being a know-it-all jerk, but losing all of your friends is as detrimental to your mental health as ingesting chemicals is to your physical health so we must all try to remember not to judge or offer unsolicited organic “advice.” After all…having perfect physical help isn’t going to do you any good if you’re miserable! 😉

    P.S. Go ORGANIC! Haha! 😉

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