Fast Friday – Banana Splits Gone Wrong, Or Maybe Right After All


Have you heard about Ryan’s Banana Split Party?  Baby Ryan was born with some serious health problems, so his parents made a “bucket list” of fun things for him to experience before he passed on from his short life.  After his passing, his mom urged people to, just once, surprise their children with banana splits for dinner and watch their eyes light up with joy.  Appreciate that they are there with you and you have the opportunity to be silly together today, because you just can’t know what tomorrow will bring.

We did our own version of the banana split party.  We took the kids to our local ice cream parlor and ordered “The Studson.”  This is a freakishly large bowl of ice cream (12 scoops, I think) with every topping under the sun and an entire can of whipped cream on top.

When they set it on the table we told the kids to look at the camera and smile.

Look how happy everyone appears to be!

Happy, happy!

Joy, joy!

Then the complaining started.

“What?! This is dinner?”

“I wanted pizza!”

“I don’t like this flavor.”

“I’m not in the mood for ice cream.”

Good feeling, gone.

The exception was the Gorgeous Not-So-Hippie Teenager.  The girl is six feet tall and so skinny she hardly casts a shadow.  She ate more than the rest of us put together.

How can she be that skinny?! Maybe we should have her tested for tape worms.

Chubby Hippie Baby was indifferent.  As long as there is something edible involved he’s pretty content, though this stuff was oddly cold.

“Hmmm. An interesting vintage.”

I was starting to feel rather miffed.

“HEY!  You guys are supposed to be having fun.  Your eyes should be lighting up with joy!  No chicken or broccoli… we got you ice cream. For dinner.  NOW ENJOY IT, DARN IT!”

But then I looked around at their beautiful, sad little faces and I thought, I have this moment!  All four of these increadible young people are in my life, strong and healthy and whole right now.  I have an extraordinary husband by my side.  I have everything that baby Ryan’s mom was talking about.  I have today. I am blessed beyond measure and I almost missed the chance to enjoy that!

Today might not go exactly the way you plan, but it is a day that has been gifted to you.  Don’t miss out on how extraordinary that is!  Enjoy every bite of your ice cream!  And, if it turns out you’d rather have chicken and broccoli after all, then by goodness, enjoy that too.  Don’t miss out on today!

Have a beautiful weekend, full of blessings, my dear readers.  Keep a close eye out and you’ll see that they are all around you!

See you Monday! 😉



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  1. I love this! My expectations of how something is supposed to go/feel mess me up all the time. Will be enjoying what is today, thanks to you! I better go check to see that mine are all around me!

  2. Love love love this post. And I want that ice cream sundae!! In my family we do “Dessert First Day” in which we eat dessert before dinner because sometimes in life you should enjoy all the good stuff first. Really enjoyed reading your blog.


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