What’s Your Folk-Cure?


I had such a fabulous, helpful response the last time I asked for reader opinion I’m going to do it again.

I’m dying.

OK.  Not really.

I’m dehydrating though.

All of the fluid in my whole entire body is draining out of my nose and eyes.

Gross, I know.

You should see it in person!  Well…. maybe you shouldn’t.  It’s not very pretty, and I’m guessing it’s contagious.

Long story, short (Too Late!) I enjoyed a lovely weekend celebrating my beautiful little town at our annual festival.

I’ve hardly slept at all for a week.

This was, in part, because I needed to be at the park, making sure that the vendors had everything they needed and so forth and, in part, because Chubby Hippie Baby is cutting NINE teeth.  He figures if he’s got to suffer, we’ve all got to suffer with him.

By Saturday I was feeling decidedly run down.

Sunday I was saying, “Gosh! I can’t remember ever having allergies like this!”

Today I am admitting defeat.

I’m sick.


So, being a good hippie, I remembered my awesome chiropractor’s advice.  She says that letting the mucus drain gets the bacteria out and you heal faster.

Being a wimp, I’m loathe to take that advice.  However, I’m not a big fan of cold medicine either.  It usually dries up my sinuses and makes me miserable in other ways.

So what great natural fix do you use when you have a cold?  You know… besides chicken soup and rest (I’m all about the chicken soup and rest today!).

Help me out, quick!  Before there’s nothing left but a pile of dust.


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  1. this vitamin powder called “Emergen-C” (Trader Joe’s carries it). just add it to water and it’ll fizz up and it’s not half bad! i hope you feel better soon, sweetie! {{{hugs}}}

  2. Vitamin D is great for helping a cold cure faster. Of course the best, cheapest way to get it is from the sun! (Just make sure you are getting calcium as well, you can’t absorb your D without it!) Pssst, spinach is great for a healthy source of calcium… tastiest way to eat spinach? Green smoothies of course!

  3. I sometimes eat a whole raw garlic clove when I’m sick. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. I always take my probiotics. And people have said that local honey does wonders for allergies, but I’ve not really seen those results personally.

    • I read somewhere about the honey. We don’t have allergies to test it out with tho. I have heard that the benefit comes from it being raw honey, so just be sure whomever you are getting it from, that they do not pastuerize.

    • I thought about garlic. I’ll have to see if I can choke some down. We do honey for allergies and swear by it, but it has to be raw. The pasteurizing process kills all the good stuff.

  4. My grandma use to make this. It helps coughs and temporary clears sinus (very temporary though).

    Large white onion (I use Texas Sweets).

    Thinly slice onion

    In large ceramic bowl add the following:

    Layer of dark brown sugar
    Layer of sliced onion

    Continue layering until all onion is used. Add final layer of Brown Sugar to top. Seal and put on back of stove or other warm part of kitchen until syrup forms.

    Take one tablespoon of syrup whenever you want.

  5. We swear by the neti pot and emergen-C. I also add a few drops of eucalyptus and spearmint oil to a bowl of steaming water and breathe the steam, complete with the old kitchen-towel-over-the-head trick. Being sick is no fun, especially in the summer.

  6. I’m a great fan of garlic. Fresh, minced, eaten raw. Not powder. Not a capsule. Fresh, stinky garlic. It attacks germs like Bonaparte’s troops descending on Europe. If you have an earache, stick it in your ear, otherwise, eat it as undiluted as you can stand. (Then out of courtesy stay clear of everyone you live with). Also, when I have a cold, I use a Netti pot, which flushes mucus and germs out of nasal passages. You probably don’t have a Netti pot sitting around. . . but you could have one on hand for the next onslaught of disease. Remember to use distilled water! And honey mixed with ginger will cut mucus and soothe a raw throat. I never use OTC crap. Well, okay, Nyquil now and then if I can’t sleep. . .

    • I only use Nyquil to help me sleep too! But alas I rarely have it on hand, I find it expires before much is used and it’s so expensive!
      Love my neti-pot too! The earlier in the cold you use it, the better. I must admit tho that I am too lazy to buy distilled (my sister warns me constantly of the risk I am taking by using tap water)

    • Just not too sure about the neti pot. I do believe in garlic though. I’ll have to see if I can choke some down. Honey and ginger sounds nice in a cup of boiling hot tea too.

  7. My gram rubbed Mentholatum on anything that was hurt, bruised, or broken. You aren’t supposed to eat it, but she made us swallow a spoonful when we had a cold–besides rubbing it on chest and neck and stuffing a fingerful up each nostril.

  8. Get honey produced locally and take one teaspoon three times a day.
    Gargle with salt water.
    Put a shot of whiskey in your tea (seriously, it always makes me feel better).

  9. I drink lemon juice. Not the sugary juice stuff, but the lemon from the bottle for cooking or putting on fish. Yum.
    Also, lots of fresh fruit like oranges. And I whine. I find whining helps.
    As for the netti pot, I don’t own one but I’ve tried it with a watering can before. Meh. It’s an odd sensation.
    I hope you feel better soon! Being sick with babies sucks hard.

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