The Goat Whisperer


We recently took a family day and went to Cedar Point, The World’s Greatest Amusement Park (or so they say on their website).

I haven’t been to every other amusement park on the planet, so I’m not qualified to say.  It is a lot of fun though.

There are more than 75 rides, 16 of which are roller coasters.  Many of those hold world records, or have,  at one point.

Unfortunately, when you are 33 inches tall, there are only a small handful of rides you are allowed on, and those only while an adult is holding you.

This means, from a one-year-old’s perspective, Cedar Point is 12 hours in a boiling hot stroller standing in line.


there is a petting zoo.

Chubby Hippie Baby thought the petting zoo was the highlight of the day.  There was a hideous white turkey and several chickens (one of which escaped and made a run for the water rides).  There are lots of ducks and some sheep.

There were goats.

The day we went to Cedar Point was the day we learned our baby is a prodigy.

My son is…


I don’t know what that will mean for his future, but I don’t think that it is coincidence we learned about it in the fabled year, 2012.

“look into my eyes…”

And that’s all she wrote for this week.

It’s the weekend! Get your Hippie on!

See you Monday, dear readers!


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