Recycling, Baby Birds, Nasty Colds and Other Unrelated Items


I’ve realized that I’ve asked for help and told the beginning of some stories without sharing the conclusions of how things worked out.   I hate to think of you all, dear readers, out there in the wide world losing sleep over my blog!  No doubt you’ve been lying awake wondering, “Did garlic cure her horrible cold?”  “Did the bird survive?”

Wonder no more, my friends.  Tonight you can rest soundly.

Here’s the Hippie Family Update:

I had a horrible cold.  It was awful.  The worst I’ve had in a very long time.  I was offered tons of fabulous, loving, caring advice.  I ingested a small field of garlic, nearly drowned in lemon juice, marinated myself in tea, gained 5 pounds from putting honey in everything, and even found a ready-made green smoothie (complete with garlic and Echinacea!) at Meijer that wasn’t totally horrible.  I consumed at least a pound of ginger, in various forms.  I drank a hot toddy, complete with whiskey (Sweet Hippie Daughter commented, “This medicine smells like beer!”) and I succumbed to over the counter medicine and took NyQuil so that I could get a decent sleep.

I’m still getting over my cold.  It’s better, but not totally gone.

The only advice I got that REALLY seemed to make a major difference was, “Whining will help.”

Thanks for trying, though.


Carlos the Blackbird lives on!  Much to everyone’s surprise.  I’m trying not to get too attached because, well… you know.  But it’s been three days and he is getting noticeably stronger and shedding his little fuzzy baby feathers for some fairly sleek-looking bigger ones.  He’s even starting to “toddle” around on the table when we take him out to feed him.

The whole family is rooting for him now.  Here’s hoping he makes it!


The water bottle project continues.  The silicone is working beautifully and holding through all sorts of weather conditions.

It was slowed because of some freakishly insane heat.  I just wasn’t motivated to sit in my yard and play with the recycling when it was 100+ degrees out!

It’s cooled off a bit now, though, and I’m making progress.  Sweet Hippie Daughter has figured out what it is… can you?

Here’s hoping that it actually gets done before the snow flies!


Because they realized how astonishingly cool my blog is, Handsome Hippie Hubby ,  Crazy Hippie Drummer   and Sweet Hippie Daughter (actually, hers isn’t really up and running yet, but check back soon!) have all started their own blogs.

You should visit them and see why it is so easy for me to live my life with a smile on my face when I’m surrounded by these amazing people!


It’s VBS week, starting next Monday, and I have the privilege of being a part of it.  If you don’t know what VBS is… think summer day camp for kids, with a Bible-centered theme.

This week is all about decorating and taking care of all the last-minute details. 

If you are a praying person, send some prayers this way, that the volunteers and the children attending will have happy hearts, full of praise and that it will be a safe week and a great experience for all.

I’m sure there will be more about VBS over the next several days since that where the largest chunk of my brain is right now.

Once we wrap up VBS, it will be time to focus on our first year of homeschool!  I’ve been looking at curriculums and registering for various activities.

We need to buy a french horn.  SHD is very excited about that part!

It’s going to be great fun!


And now,  I’m off to paint a giant shark.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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  1. Oh yeah, another cold remedy (one I am trying out on the baby boy, since I am oh so tired of snot snot everywhere!) Stonyfield Farms yogurt. I read an article maybe a year ago, on the effectivness of a particular strain of probiotics on the average cold. It said that the only brand of yogurt currently being sold in the US that contains this particular strain, is StonyField, which made me happy bcuz it’s the brand I buy most. I tell people it’s the reason my kids rarely get colds, even in the dead of winter. 😉

  2. Just remember who badly influenced YOU to blog! [Insert Evil Laugh Here] I am going to take all the credit for all the creative wonderous things your family spews out into the blogosphere.

    So, will part of homeschooling be to maintain a blog? It looks good on a resume;)

    • You are the fearless leader, to be sure. 🙂
      Not sure about blogging/homeschool. I’m considering it… but she’s very young. I have to see how it goes. Which is pretty much my philosophy on the whole homeschool experience in general.

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