Fast Friday – The Choice of Champions?


The Olympics started tonight.

I bet all those world-class champion athletes gobble up their green smoothies and smack their lips in healthy gratification.

I’ve had them recommended to me by no less than a dozen of you, dear readers.  I know you have the best of intentions.

I’ve had a few.

They’re ok.

I’ve consumed worse things.

It does give me a bit of wonderful self-satisfaction, slurping down my fabulously nutrient-rich drink while everyone else enjoys their sweet, bubbly, ice-cold, soda.

But my sister posted this pic on Facebook and I just had to share it because… well…. because that’s just funny! I could happily substitute a mocha frappe, a root beer float, or any other number of drinks for “wine”, the sentiment remains the same.

Here’s wishing you a weekend full of laughter and joy.

See you Monday!


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