Good News For Sleepy People


A happy hippie coffee mug if ever there was one!  I think I must find this and buy it!

So… it’s like this.

I’ve been tired.

I’m not talking about a 2pm slump.

I’m talking about the kind of tired where I’ve dozed off doing my business in the bathroom.  At least I haven’t done my business while dozing off elsewhere!  There is always a silver lining.

I started to explain exactly WHY I’m so tired (it’s not health-related, I promise), but then realized that you probably have better things to do with your day than read 1,000 words about how busy my summers are.

I’ll sum up:

Summers are lots of fun.  We get to have a lot of great family time.  I have the privilege to serve my community in wonderful, enjoyable ways.

Add all that fun and community to a 14-month-old who refuses to sleep and you are left with one Sleepy Hippie Mama.

The only reason I haven’t collapsed in a gooey heap of Hippie?


Lots and lots of coffee.

Pot after pot of the good stuff.

Oh, my dear friend, coffee.  You are truly one of the top 20 best things on Earth.  When God invented you, He was having an especially wonderful day.  You are fragrant and tasty and hot…. but sometimes cold and frothy.  Oh, how versatile you are!

But is coffee good or bad for a Hippie looking to be healthful and mindful of the Earth?

Well…  I have heard some conflicting reports.

I’ve shared once before that, because of coffee, I may live forever.

I have also heard that it will give me high cholesterol and destroy the rainforest.

Being a coffee-guzzling Hippie, I thought I’d look into the facts and share them with you.

It turns out that coffee has a lot of health BENEFITS including lowering the chance of diabetes, kidney stones and gall bladder problems.  It’s also good for the prostate, though, being a woman and all,  I’ve never especially worried about my prostate.

Some research has shown that coffee can negatively affect the condition of the arteries and heart muscle but here’s the thing…

Coffee has something called diterpenes – cafestol and kahweol.  These are, apparently, bad.  BUT… they are very nearly completely filtered out if you use a good quality, unbleached,  paper filter.  Ever get a cup of coffee that looks greasy?  That greasy stuff is what’s bad for you.

Also, a light or medium roast is better, as dark-roasting kills all of the good antioxidants that coffee gives you.

I found a few great articles about the health pros and cons of coffee, here and here.

I also learned that coffee can be bad for the environment.

Traditionally, coffee was grown in small, shady patches.  It was then discovered that greater profit could be made by razing huge stretches of native vegetation, planting coffee in the sun, and then dousing it with huge amounts of chemicals.

That’s about as bad for the environment as you can get.


Due to an increased public awareness of this practice, and a realization that the rain forest is our friend, many growers are returning to traditional practices.  If you read the label on your coffee and look for terms like, “Organic,” “Chemical-free,” “Fair-trade,” or “Local Co-Op,” you will find a product that is not only friendlier to the earth, but friendlier to the often-impoverished local economies where coffee is grown.  You can learn lots of details about coffee and its impact on the environment here.

All of that is interesting and good to know, right?

But here is the best thing!

It’s wonderful news!

It should be on every news report in the world!

There are studies that show that coffee reduces the risk of suicide!

I know exactly why that is.

It’s because when you’ve been up until midnight, after a 14 hour day on your feet,  making sure that an event goes off without a hitch, and your baby wanted to play from 3am-5am, and your alarm goes off at 6:30 so you can start all over again….

your good friend, coffee, is there for you…. clearing away the cobwebs and helping you lift yourself into an upright position.

(Coffee Powered Mom, I know you know what I’m talking about!)

I didn’t find any articles about coffee being linked to homicide prevention, but I bet if someone did the research the results would be very favorable.

So, drink that fabulous Dunkin’ Donuts Blend (my personal favorite and, also a Fair-Trade product!) and be healthy and guilt-free, dear readers.

Ahhh… coffee.  I think I’ll go refill my smiley Santa mug right now.

Get your hippie on, dear readers!  It’s gonna be a wonderful week, full of happy surprises in the midst of the busy-ness.  I’ll see you back here in a day or so.

***Coming someday in the future (maybe):  an article on addiction and the benefits of moderation.  But I’m not quite ready to let go of my cup and write that one yet.


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  1. “I didn’t find any articles about coffee being linked to homicide prevention, but I bet if someone did the research the results would be very favorable.”

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Yes, yes, yes.

    I really don’t trust people that don’t drink coffee. We just aren’t compatible. This rule has seriously proved invaluable when it comes to choosing friends. I have, recently, found an afternoon cup of strong black (caffeinated) tea to be quite enjoyable, too. But there is no replacement for a cup of joe.

    • LOL. My best friend says she can’t even stand the smell of coffee. It’s like she’s speaking a foreign language! I love her anyway… 🙂 Hmmm… now I’m thinking I need a cup of coffee right now. I’ve only had ONE so far today. I am way under my quota!

  2. Thank you for justifying my coffee addiction. And I have done a study linking coffee consumption to low homicide rates. I have never once even sorta killed anyone after having my coffee. That’s research, right?

  3. I love coffee too and have most of my life.There is nothing I like better than the taste temperature and aroma of a large mug of coffee and my laughing sisters.Oh I want to go to Timmy Hortons or even Mickey Dees.Hmmmmm where is my car keys………..

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