Super Saturday Extra Bonus Post – 100 Things


“Look, Mama! I’m a Spanish-speaking Polish Robot!” (See #66)

I have a lovely, relaxed morning for the first time in…. I have no idea how long.  Too long.  So I decided to take this opportunity to take my own advice and make a list of 100 things I’m feeling thankful for this morning.

I hope these things inspire you to feel thankful too.  I truly believe that gratitude for our many blessings, big and small,  is a huge part of the path to true happiness.

Saying thank you is more than good manners.  It is good spirituality. 

~Alfred Painter

1. I’m thankful for quiet mornings at home.

2. I’m thankful that everyone in my house is healthy today.

3. I’m thankful that the baby slept all night (meaning, “I’m thankful that I slept all night”).

4. I’m thankful that VBS was a success.

5. I’m thankful for a husband who is truly wonderful.

6. I’m thankful for my Kindle Fire, which allows me to lay on the couch like a slug and check Facebook while watching the morning re-cap of the Olympics.

7. I’m thankful for the most comfy sofa in the universe.

8. I’m thankful for air conditioning.

9. I’m thankful for my best friend, who has never EVER not been there for me.

10. I’m thankful for my big sisters – strong, beautiful, intelligent, witty women who have always been an inspiration to me.

11.  I’m thankful for my parents, who gave me more than I will ever know.

12. I’m thankful for coffee.  Mmmm.  Coffee.

13. I’m thankful for a washer and dryer, right here in my house.

14. I’m thankful for a church family that has shown us extraordinary love and acceptance.

15. I’m thankful for my neighbors who are unfailingly kind and generous.

16. I’m thankful for my dog… and I’m thankful to live in a world where there are dogs.  I can’t imagine one without.

17. I’m thankful for the internet.

18. I’m thankful that Meijer sells Organic food at reasonable prices.

19.  I’m thankful that we had a nice, fresh loaf of my favorite bread to make toast with this morning.

20. I’m thankful for soft toilet paper.

21. I’m thankful to live in a country where I’m free to share the random things I’m thankful for.

22. I’m thankful for all the people who have taught me about God and His Infinite Love and Grace.

23. I’m thankful for people who leave my husband good tips.

24. I’m thankful for great music.

25. I’m thankful for my glasses, so I can see the world around me.

26. I’m thankful for my awesomely cozy bed, & the most comfortable blanket in the universe.

27. I’m thankful for Econobums – cheap, sturdy, leak-proof, eco-friendly cloth diapers.

28. I’m thankful for my refrigerator.

29. I’m thankful for 2 cars, both working well at the moment.

30. I’m thankful for happy surprises that come in the mail.

31. I’m thankful for purple nail polish. It makes me feel happy.

32. I’m thankful for the women who are mentoring and advising me about being a good home school mom.

33. I’m thankful for supportive bras.

34. I’m thankful for Ibuprofen.

35. I’m thankful for Tahmina Kohistani and other extraordinary women like her, who inspire me to do more… to be more.

36. I’m thankful for my dishwasher.

37. I’m thankful for good sneakers.

38. I’m thankful for my computer.

39. I’m thankful for and the people who take the time to run it.

40. I’m thankful for fresh produce, brought to me by random people with an over-abundance in their gardens (especially since I seem to have a bit of a “black thumb.”).

41. I’m thankful for the Goodwill – takers of stuff I no longer want and sellers of stuff I’d not otherwise be able to afford.

42. I’m thankful for photographs of past events in my life.

43. I’m thankful for soldiers, police officers and others who put themselves in harm’s way that I may be safe.

44. I’m thankful to live in a community where a major crime is someone getting “drunk and disorderly.”

45. I’m thankful I’ve never been arrested for being “drunk and disorderly.”

46. I’m thankful for my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe & her willingness to share it with me.

47. I’m thankful that there are only 169 more days until Christmas.

48. I’m thankful for the people who made it possible for me to travel to other countries (I’ve always gone with a group or at someone’s invitation… maybe someday I’ll trek off on my own).

49. I’m thankful for people who take the time to be educated before they vote.

50. I’m thankful for the teachers I’ve had in my life.

51. I’m thankful for midwives, chiropractors, homeopaths, and others who are working to educate all of us on how to heal ourselves.

52. I’m thankful for traditional doctors who know what to do when nature needs a little help.

53. I’m thankful for disposable baby wipes.

54. I’m thankful for my attic – home of stuff I don’t feel like sorting through and putting away right now.

55. I’m thankful to live in a home with clean running water.

56. I’m thankful for pizza.

57. I’m thankful for books.

58. I’m thankful to my local public library and the folks whose time & resources keep it open.

59. I’m thankful that my daughter is old enough to use the toilet by herself and get her own drinks.

60. I’m thankful for those little historical signs on roadsides… so often I would miss out on noticing a really cool old building if they weren’t there.

61. I’m thankful that the hottest part of summer is over.  Theoretically.

62. I’m thankful for our friends who let us swim in their pool.

63. I’m thankful for laughter.

64. I’m thankful for the physical and mental ability to read.

65. I’m thankful for people who are strongly left-brained, as I’d be sitting in a cave painting pretty pictures with berry juice if not for them.

66. I’m thankful for my children, sharing their imaginations with me.

67. I’m thankful for bloggers, who challenge me to think, give me reasons to laugh, explain things I’ve never before understood, and more.

68. I’m thankful to live in a place where paper is cheap and abundant.

69. I’m thankful for free children’s activities.

70. I’m thankful for McDonald’s Indoor Playland.

71. I’m thankful for the gift of prayer.

72. I’m thankful for instant streaming video.

73. I’m thankful for 2nd chances. And 3rd and 4th and 5th.  I screw up a lot.

74. I’m thankful for organized people, without whom I’d…. (see #65)

75. I’m thankful for spell check.  It makes me look smarter than I am.

76. I’m thankful for colorful socks.  They make my soles and my soul feel good.

77. I’m thankful for my bathtub.

78. I’m thankful for the lack of mosquitoes this summer.

79.  I’m thankful for honeybees and all the good things they do.

80. I’m thankful for cats.  They amuse me.

81. I’m thankful for parks, big and small.

82. I’m thankful for people who make documentaries. How else would I ever know about things like fish that look like rocks and bugs that build houses out of poo?

83. I’m thankful for nuns.  Those strong women, bolstered by their huge faith, have been on the forefront of more battles than most folks realize.

84. I’m thankful for farmers.

85. I’m thankful for tortillas.

86. I’m thankful for people who have more passion than me.  (Again, refer to #65).

87. I’m thankful to live where there is no fear of tsunami, earthquake or hurricane.

88. I’m thankful for the people who plow the roads after the snow falls.

89. I’m thankful for electricity that very rarely fails.

90. I’m thankful for carpet, through which I can squish my toes while I type.

91. I’m thankful for small businesses and all they bring to communities like mine.

92. I’m thankful for my big chef’s knife and giant cutting board.

93. I’m thankful for the local gas station – the only one I know of that still lets you pump before you pay.

94. I’m thankful for good smelling candles.

95. I’m thankful for old people, and all the wisdom they share.

96. I’m thankful for the Amish. I just like knowing that I share a planet with people like them.

97. I’m thankful for bubble gum.

98. I’m thankful for gigantic comfy sweaters.

99. I’m thankful for bubbles, and the fact that they are cheap.

100. I’m thankful for people who read my blog.


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  1. Great List! I think I will just say I am thankful I took the time to read it and remember all the small things to be thankful for whenever some small thing slaps me in the face and peeves me.

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