Fast Friday – Breakfast of Champions


For $49.95, you too can have awesome toast. (For $9.95 you can buy a toaster that doesn’t fall apart after 6 months)

What’s the best breakfast in the world? 

Hmmm… probably some kind of $92,000 omelet made with truffles and sprinkled with moon dust or something.

But I usually eat toast.  I prefer it with peanut butter but regular old cow-butter is ok too.  A little cinnamon and sugar is fabulous in the winter.  Dip it in eggs and milk and fry it up and cover it with syrup.  Spread it with some spicy guacamole.  Dunk it in hot chocolate.  Scrunch it up into little bread balls. 

I once had a toaster that made a picture of Mickey Mouse on your bread and played, “It’s a Small World After All” when the toast popped up. How can that not make you feel happy in the morning?

Until it broke (ah, what a brief time we had together), it may have been the most delightful object I’d ever owned.

The possibilities of toast are nearly endless.

So endless, it inspired one of my most favorite songs EVER. 

Click the picture, laugh your buns off, and enjoy having this song stuck in your head for the next 15 years.

Heywood Banks performs, “Toast.”

Happy weekend, dear readers!

*** A special thanks to my bestie at for the inspiration for this morning’s post.  And toast.  Maybe tonight I’ll have roast.  But I promise not to boast.  Not even if I travel to the coast….

Oiy.  I gotta go.

See you Monday!  🙂


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