Big News For This Hippie Mama


Let’s celebrate! I’ll bring the Champagne.

Tomorrow, is launching a new division:  HuffPost Live.

HuffPost Live will be an online streaming network, discussing recent news, events and hot topics.

Monday, at approximately 2:40pm (because of the format the schedule is a little flexible) the topic up for discussion is how parents and their children relate to one another.  It’s all brought on because of a Chris Rock interview in which he says he can’t relate to his kids because they are rich.

Cool, right?  One of Time magazine’s top 25 blogs is opening up a whole new kind of technology in reporting.  This Pulitzer Prize wining website is breaking new ground.

Guess who gets to be in on the conversation?


It’s the Lazy Hippie Mama!

Apparently, what I wrote about accidentally spoiling my daughter rotten caught the eye of a kind, generous, lovely editor whom I like very much (because she said nice things about me and my beautiful little girl) and she’s invited me to, in her words, “be a part of history.”

Who the heck can turn down an offer like that?

What a great year for this Hippie Mama!  A World Record and now a Pulitzer.  Well… OK… it’s not MY Pulitzer.  And what I’m talking about has nothing to do with the Pulitzer.  And, technically, I don’t even think you can win a Pulitzer for talking.  But I will, in some distant way be connected to a project that once won a Pulitzer.  That’s got to count for something!

Besides, last year the only thing I did was give birth and…. well… yeah… that was kind of a big deal.  But… oh never mind.  Just go with me here, OK?

So, clear your calendars and make some popcorn, log on to HuffPost Live, and get ready to join the conversation tomorrow at (about) 2:40pm.

See you there!


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  1. Wow. that is really exciting! I’m extremely bummed because I know I won’t be able to tune in at that time. Of all days!! Any other day. Dang it! Let us know if it’s written up, or maybe they’ll have it posted on-line later. Have a fun time with it!

    • Thanks! I am hoping I can remember to “have a fun time.” I’m a little scared that I’ll freak out and just stare at the camera with my mouth hanging open…. or go into a horrible coughing fit….. or compulsively scratch the end of my nose… or……
      yeah. Gotta remember. Have a fun time. 🙂

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