Freaks, Unite!


Here it is! The single (as far as I know) breastfeeding picture ever taken of me. Scandalous, I know. Try to reign in your horror over the blatant immodesty involved in breastfeeding.

Beware, users of plastic grocery bags and buyers of commercial personal care products.

There is a Hippie Underground.

They are out there.

WE are out here.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  (That’s my sinister laugh.)

I thought I was the ONLY ONE in my circle of acquaintance who believed in breastfeeding for at least a year.  But once I “went public” with that belief it turned out that most of the moms I knew felt the same way (in theory, if not always in practice).

I thought I was the ONLY ONE who wanted to use cloth diapers.  Now I know there are massive numbers of mommies wrapping baby bums in cotton (and bamboo and hemp and…. so forth).

I thought I was the ONLY ONE who was concerned about the reactions my baby was having to vaccines.  It turns out there are entire lobbying organizations that spend millions addressing the issue with the federal government.

I thought I was the ONLY ONE I knew who worried about recycling.  I started building a playhouse out of plastic water bottles and one of the ladies at church said, “I always wanted to try to build a boat out of milk jugs!”

I went public with my armpit vs. deodorant issues and found out that I know at least half a dozen women who haven’t used commercial deodorant in years.  I don’t remember any of them smelling bad at any point in all that time!

We all know that one hippie girl.  You know… the one that can look gorgeous and hip wearing a sari, even though she’s got pure white skin and grew up in Montana.  She looks better without makeup than the rest of us do after a full day at the spa.  She does yoga on a surf board, holding her rescued puppy, while communing with a dolphin and plays the bongos at her own wedding, while her husband does a ritual mating dance in her honor.

She’s so freaking COOL!

The rest of us just look like idiots if we try to do those things.

And no one likes looking foolish.

Except Jim Carey.  But he gets paid A LOT to be that way.

So we hide our hippie.

I say…


OK… maybe the hairy-legged, unwashed, pot-smoking, nudist within you should stay within. Far, FAR within.

But the part that loves music and laughter and peace and health and wholeness, not just for yourself, but for the whole world….  THAT part should be set free.

I say it in a silly way, but it’s really deadly serious.

You see, “normal” is what is done by the masses.  The mob defines what is “normal” at any given moment.

In the US, we live in a society where it is “normal” to eat pesticide covered, hormone-injected, genetically modified, chemically processed, foods but it is ILLEGAL in many states to buy raw milk or organic, untreated (ie. unbleached) poultry.

It is “normal” to feed a newborn infant a chemical formula made from dehydrated cow milk, dehydrated soy beans, and chemicals from a plastic bottle which leeches more chemicals into the drink, but it is considered rude and unsanitary to breastfeed in public.

It is “normal” to use disposable diapers, full of bleach and other harsh chemicals and then toss these waste-filled plastic storage containers into a landfill each day, but it is considered gross to use cloth diapers.

It is “normal” to let kids watch graphic depictions of sex and violence on television, video games and the internet, but it is considered sick to let your baby run around naked.

It is “normal” to use antibiotic soaps, household cleaners, and drugs despite 30+ years of warnings about “superbugs” and it’s considered weird to take a child to see a chiropractor or homeopathic practitioner.

It is “normal” to eat at a fast food place where each item is individually packaged in paper or plastic or foam, and thought to be unsanitary (and illegal by health department standards) to ask them to pack it differently, or in re-usable containers provided by the consumer.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point.

As a society, our entire connection with nature has been distorted, if not altogether severed.  The result is a generation faced with terrible allergies, respiratory issues, chemical imbalances, and more.  Even worse, those kids are going to be left with a planet that has been badly abused.

When you “go public” with your Personal Hippie Freak Tendencies you show someone else that they are NOT the only one (breastfeeding, recycling, running fast, avoiding unnecessary drugs, etc).

The tide is slowly turning and people are becoming conscious of the fact that we cannot remain a consumerist society, dipped in chemicals and wrapped in bacon.

Bacon.  Wait.  I like bacon.  It’s so crispy and salty…. and  … oh… shoot… awareness… yes…. ok…

Sorry about that.

Anyway, the tide is turning, but not fast enough.  By being open about the “green” choices you make, you help others make good choices too.

How many more women would breastfeed if it didn’t seem “icky?”

How many more moms would cloth diaper?

How many people would buy organic, untreated poultry if they knew that millions were already eating it and NOT getting sick?

How many more people would ride bikes to work if it didn’t seem “nerdy?”

And you know what?

When enough people start making those choices, they will become the “normal” choice to make.

Cloth diapers will be easy to find in retail stores.

Raw milk will be on the shelf in the dairy aisle.

Cities will build more bike paths and less 14 lane highways.

Change “normal!”  Don’t hide your hippie! The world needs you!

Cover Page from Hippie Peace Freaks on Facebook. One of my favorite FB pages, by the way!


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  1. I was a hippie when my kids were small. Then I hid my hippie. And now, I’m a hippie again! Full circle.
    Zinc, a mineral, eliminates body odor.

  2. I breastfed my kids that came from my womb until they were big (my son was too big I fear because he would try to haul out his nourishment in church) and I used cloth diapers when they weren’t cool.I admit sometimes I am not as consious as I should be but I do try.Recycle recycle recycle was something my Grandma taught me.You are a wonderful reminder to me and that is why I come back.Plus you are funny.Blessings

  3. loved this. i first came to your blog because the title intrigued me. my almost 12 year old daughter has called me “hippie mama” for years. it used to be a term of endearment but i fear it’s becoming derogatory as she’s approaching her teen years! anyway, i stopped hiding my hippie years ago – but i gotta tell you, the first step for me was to stop hiding that I don’t shave my legs (i used to only shave in summer). I haven’t shaved in something like 10 years, and honestly, the idea of shaving seems as wierd and gross as it would be if my husband shaved! i wanted to use cloth diapers 15 years ago when my son was born but didn’t because i didn’t know anyone else and i believed naysayers who told me it would be bad for him. craziness! you’re right, it’s good to know who your hippie friends are!

    • Ah, yes. Gorgeous Not-So-Hippie Teen has that tone too…. “Oh HIPPIE MAMA can I get this SCENTED deodorant or do you think it will make holes in my brain?” Oh well… I figure she’ll appreciate her complete brain someday. hahaha.

  4. OMG—-Plastic grocery bags!!???? Say it isn’t so.!! Remember the 3 R’s…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And of course plastic grocery bags are imminently recyclable. I haven’t thrown one away in three or four years. While I am a self-professed hippie, I don’t feel qualified to expound on a lot of these topics (read here—I am not stupid enough to voice an opinion…). I will say this…Personal hygiene, however you choose to take care of it, is mandatory!!
    Be well,

    • You always make me laugh. 🙂 This sentence: “OK… maybe the hairy-legged, unwashed, pot-smoking, nudist within you should stay within. Far, FAR within.” was inspired by one of your previous descriptions of hippies. LOL

      • I thought maybe..!!! Love your attitude and your sensibilities!! Somehow I can just imagine you at Woodstock, or maybe at the corner of Haight and Ashbury…..I mean, you know, back in the days of the flower children…..Not now….nooooo, not now. !!!!!

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