Here Is Me, Asking.


Do you ever have those times when you feel like God (the Universe, Fate… whatever) is trying to convey something to you?  I mean, not just a random something, but something specific.  You keep getting the same message, from various sources, over and over until, finally (hopefully!) it starts to sink in that you should be paying attention.

That’s been happening to me lately.

It started last Sunday.  The pastor spoke about James 4:2

You do not have, because you do not ask God.

The passage goes on to speak of proper motivation, verses selfish desires, but that’s the phrase that kind-of stuck in my head.

As so often happens, I thought, “That’s nice,” and left church and didn’t think too much about that sermon again for a while.

But then, a day or so later, Brad Stanton – a blogger new to me, left a comment on my site.  So I linked back and read an amazing post about having a clear vision of what you want in your imagination and asking for it to be manifest.

Huh.  That’s two.

Then I heard a news report about a group of students that wanted some equipment for their school.  Neither the school nor the parents could afford it, so they asked the community.  And they got what they wanted.

There’s three.

I overheard a conversation between Sweet Hippie Daughter and Handsome Hippie Hubby.

 “Daddy! Why didn’t you get that for me?”

“I didn’t know you wanted any.”

By now I was starting to get the point.

image from

I pondered this, as I drove to the grocery store.  What should I be asking for?  Do I have a clear vision of what I want?   Am I full of selfish desires, or do I want things for others?

This is what I came up with:

Some of them are selfish.  Some of them are for others.  All of them are fairly clear visions, I think.

So here is me, asking for a few things that have been very much buzzing in my brain lately.

1) May my family please have a Disney Vacation?

This seems selfish, I know, but it’s really not.  It’s for my husband.  He is a bona fide Disney Freak.  He has been longing for the chance to take our family on some sort of amazing Disney Adventure for over 10 years.  He dreams about it.  Literally!  He has worked so hard and tried so hard…. he gets some money set aside and ends up needing it to pay for a car repair or… life.  You know how it is.  I can’t think of anything in the whole wide world that would make me happier than to be able to tell the kindest, gentlest, most wonderful, hard-working man I know, “Guess what?  We’re GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! We got an awesome package that includes air and a Disney hotel and this very cool, unique, experience that only REAL Disney maniacs ever get to experience!”

2) May I please have a new bike?

Totally selfish.  I want a bike.  Not just any bike.  A pretty pink (or maybe purple) bike.  The “old lady” kind with a big seat and shiny silver fenders.  I’d like a basket on the front and a baby seat on the back.  Oh! And white wall tires.

3) May I please have an investor?

This is the big one.  Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, if one of you (or someone equally financially blessed) is reading this, my hubby and I have dreamed a dream over the years.

There is a piece of land near us… a nice big chunk of about 20 acres.  We’d like to build a resort.  It would be the kind of resort that is a destination all by itself.  People wouldn’t come to town and stay at this hotel.  They would come to this hotel and see the town.

It would have a gorgeous indoor/outdoor water park and a putt-putt course and a miniature racetrack where children could drive kid-size versions of Michigan-made cars.

There would be a whole section of suites for practitioners of natural healing, so we could provide everything from midwifery to acupuncture to homeopathic remedies.  No one would ever be turned away from the healing services due to an inability to pay.

There would be animals.  Horses and goats and cows and dogs and cats and…. whatever.  And the guests would be welcome to interact with them as much or as little as they like.

All of the landscaping would be useful for food (to be served in the restaurant) or medicine (to be used by the healers) and it would all be organic.

The building and all of the grounds would be as eco-friendly as possible.  Solar panels, wind power, rain-water collection, tiered gardens, organic gardens… you get the idea.

We would use local labor, produce, products and services, giving a SERIOUSLY needed boost to the economy of our hard-hit county.

Guests would be encouraged in every way we can think of to visit the surrounding areas and enjoy the extraordinary array of offerings in our little corner of the world.

Locals would be encouraged to visit the resort and take advantage of the great facilities.

It would be gorgeous! It would be a showcase of all that is wonderful about Michigan.  It would bring jobs and recreation and… hope.

So, if you have an extra couple million dollars you’re looking to invest, please contact me ASAP.  I have a great investment idea!

What do you want to ask for today?  Who knows?  Maybe if you just ask, you will receive!

UPDATE!  *****   Click Here to read what happens next.


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  1. As usual, I am struck by your thoughtfulness and consideration for all. I love the resort idea, and would happily visit it (sadly I cannot invest). I wish you all the best in achieving what you ask for.

    • Thank you! You are too kind. I’m really not as nice as you think I am. It’s just that, when I’m writing, I have time to edit. LOL 🙂
      Actually…. talk about “manifestation”…. a relative who doesn’t read this blog, or even know I write it, called yesterday and offered us Disney Resort (like… awesome RESORT, not just Econolodge) accommodations and park tickets. She said, “I have these and they’re going to expire. Do you want them?” Uhm. Yes, please! I guess it’s true. Ask and you will receive! I can’t wait for you to come visit my fancy resort! 🙂

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