Good News Wednesday


Happy Earth!

Sometimes it seems all we hear about the environment is doom and gloom. 

“The ice caps are melting!”

“The polar bears are drowning!”

“There is garbage in the ocean!”

“There is a hole in the ozone!”

“There are chemicals in our food!”



Take a deep breath.  Really.  It’s ok to breath the air (see below). 

We have work to do, it’s true.  But the work that has been done by us and those before us really is making a difference! 

I thought, today, I would bring you some good news for the earth and those who live upon her. 

You would think that NOT putting harmful chemicals in the products we smear all over our bodies (and worse, our babies bodies!) would be common sense but it’s not.  Therefore, kudos go to Johnson and Johnson who, according to Triple Pundit, is making a major effort to get rid of harmful chemicals in their products.  Here’s hoping other producers follow suit!

Monga Bay reported on August 1, that US carbon emissions are at their lowest level in 10 years.  Since the US is the biggest carbon emitter in the world (after China), that’s a pretty big deal! Let’s continue this trend!

Our roadsides are healthier! Keep America Beautiful shares that roadside litter has been reduced by more than 60% since 1969!  As approximately 51 BILLION pieces of trash land next to the road each year, we still have work to do but “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal,” right?  We are making progress!  Keep teaching the children BY EXAMPLE to be certain that trash and recyclables end up in their proper places and before you know it there will be nothing but wildflowers lining our streets.

According to a TerraDaily Article (September 2, 2012), the Brazilian humpback whale population is rebounding.  Just 10 years ago there were less than 4,000 animals counted.  This year there were nearly 3 times that many!  Well done, Brazil, putting an end to predatory whaling and educating fishermen on how to care for the creatures of the ocean!

Inhabitat tells us about a product that could change the way the world runs! Solar paint can be painted on a building and will generate electricity just like a solar panel – but without the expense or the difficult installation process.  The world is full of amazing ideas!  I can’t wait to see this one develop further!

The Arabian Oryx has made history! In 1972 the last known wild animal was shot and killed, making this species extinct, except for those in captivity.  Under some very careful care, the captive population grew and was eventually released back into the wild.  Recently, they were the first species ever taken off the “endangered” list AFTER being declared extinct!  Well done Oryx mommies and all those who protected them!  Read more about it at

Take a breath of fresh air! Popsci posted recently that the air we are breathing, though still sorta grimy, is significantly cleaner than it was for our great-grandparents.  If we continue to reduce our emissions future generations will be left with quite the lovely planet to live on!

It is easy to become overwhelmed when we hear too many negative things, and it is easy to forget that at least SOME (how much? Who knows?!) of the changes that are happening on earth just happen because… well… just because that’s the way it is. 

But when you consider that there is good being done, progress being made, and damage being healed by the efforts of people just like you and me it all seems a little more worthwhile. 

Be aware of your planet.  Take good care of her.  She’ll repay the favor.


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  1. It’s true about the roadside litter. I remember how in the early sixties people dumped sackfuls of trash out the car window and beer and pop bottles too without suffering a pang of guilt. It’s what was done back then.

  2. yes – solar paint sounds cool to me too! and roadside litter. i was a 70s kid — that’s when the Indians started crying–I used to cry myself when I saw that commercial–just couldn’t understand why anyone would throw trash on our beautiful earth. thanks for the good news. 🙂

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