I asked. I received!


So the other day I asked for some things, big and small.  They weren’t the kinds of things that would change the world… you know, not a cure for all disease or peace for all mankind, or a single day in which no one posts a raving political rant on Facebook.

They were just 3 things that have been on my heart.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday, we got a call from my mother-in-law.  She said (well… we heard) something like this:

“I have 4 days left on my timeshare near Orlando, Florida – next to Disney’s Wild Kingdom.  It’s for a freakishly huge 2 bedroom condo in a resort with a 12 acre water park and other fabulous stuff.  Oh! And some park-hopper tickets as well.  It all going to expire in October.  Would you like to use them? You can have them.  No point in all of it going to waste, since it’s already paid for.”


So, what do you know.  I asked, and I received.  And now….

Image from 4share.com


Only 5 1/2 weeks until my family gets to enjoy our first real vacation EVER, in all the years we’ve been together.

This is the lazy river at our hotel… where we’ll be floating when our feet get tired.

I can’t remember ever seeing Handsome Hippie Hubby so excited!

Sweet Hippie Daughter is beside herself.  Did I mention that she’ll be celebrating her 8th birthday AT DISNEY WORLD?

Look! Even the Disney Characters are excited that we are coming!

Little Hippie Baby is totally oblivious but… you know… as long as there is food he’ll be happy.


I am bursting with gratitude!  I am truly blessed beyond all measure.

I am amazed at the way that God works.

I felt a message on my heart that I should ask for what I want.

I asked for something.

It came to me from someone who has no idea I ever asked.  She doesn’t read my blog, or even know I write it (I don’t think).

Would it have come if I hadn’t asked in the first place?

I will never know.  But I do know that the next time I feel like I’m being given a message I will pay attention!

BTW – I know this is supposed to be Theological Thursday but I was too excited about this to be deep and philosophical.

Consider, though, that the very term, “ask and you shall receive,” comes from the Bible.  As does the verse I referenced in the asking post: “You have not received because you have not asked God.”

Do I think that God gives you every single thing you ever think you want?

No….  but that’s a whole post for another day.

For today, I just wanted to share (in case you missed it):  


image from orlando-dailyphoto.blogspot.com






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  2. I told you so! I told you so! (see my comment on previous post..!!)
    Wow! The otherworldly power is once again on display!! I am so happy for you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  3. Dear blogfriend,

    Amazing to read this today. This morning my daily reading had just this message, and I felt it was a real word to us. And now your blog had just put the rubberstamp on that word! God is so good. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. I’m incredibly excited for you guys!! Please let Hippy Hubby know that his Disney buddy can’t think of any other family more deserving of this break or gift! I know that it will be a memorable trip and that doesn’t even include the excitement of having a birthday there! I LOVE reading this 🙂
    Oh….and if I can ever get back that way, I will happily bring you a very pretty pink bike, with shiny silver fenders, but sadly missing a basket. I got it a few months before my knee injury and haven’t been able to ride it since…almost three years ago. It’s lonely and needs a new owner.

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