Dazed and Confused


Lest any of you, dear readers, begin to wonder if I’ve wandered off into the Ethernet and forgotten you, I’d like to offer my apologies for my absence.  I haven’t quit blogging.  I’ve just been rather dazed and confused as we strive to adjust to our new schedule with a full home-school curriculum in addition to all the busy-ness that comes into our lives as the fall programs start up at church and in other organizations we are involved in.

I used to have a certain quiet time of day when the Little Hippie Baby was napping and Sweet Hippie Daughter was away at school and now… not so much.  But, as we get our rhythm, I’ll be back.

Don’t forget about me!  Feel free to “like” LHM on Facebook for occasional quick tidbits on Saving the Earth, Promoting World Peace and Raising Productive Citizens.

Just to keep you smiling, here is a picture of LHB in a turkey hat.  Why?  Because it makes me smile.  These totally ridiculous hats are currently available in the bargain bins at Target if you, too, find great joy in taking super silly pictures of your children!


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    • Ha! That happened to a friend of mine once. We were standing outside and some kind of massively huge water-fowl just came out of the sky and landed on his head. That may be the hardest I’ve ever laughed EVER. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  1. so cute. i have a pic of my son in a duck hat – only he’s just 3-4 weeks old, and wailing. of course, it’s a family fave. take your time and get your groove on the homeschooling. and absence? i’m happy if i post every 5 days or so. usually it’s a week. posting every day, or every other day is a lot of pressure!

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