Fast Friday – Parenting is Funny


A friend of mine once said, in reference to a difficult family situation, “You can either laugh or cry.  I figure it’s better to laugh.”

I don’t think she was trying to be profound.  She was just stating the facts.  But that statement has always stuck with me.

As a parent (as a human, I suppose), there are times when life becomes totally overwhelming.  You can spend entire days (Weeks? Months? Years?) feeling like you’re running in circles and getting no where.  I find the ticket to sanity is to see how funny it is that you just tripped over the same rubber duck for the 14th time in a row and landed face down in a pile of strained peas that someone saw fit to place on your white carpet while trying to get dressed to go to church – which started 10 minutes ago.  (Just a hypothetical example.  Not that that’s ever happened to me.)  At times like that you must make a choice to laugh or cry.

No one is better at helping me remember my laughter than Betsy, over at Parenting is Funny.  If you’ve never visited her, you should! It will be worth it.  Even if you’re not a parent, you can’t help but laugh.  On that note, I’ll leave you with this gem she shared earlier in the week:

Baby Trashes Bar


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