Raw Milk 411


When I was growing up… not THAT long ago….  we had raw milk delivered to our house from a nearby farm.  The cattle on the farm lived in a huge pasture.  They ate grass.  They were healthy.  Subsequently, we never got sick from drinking their milk.  Not ever.  Not even when we were little babies.

If someone had gotten sick from the milk, it would have been a very simple matter to trace it back to the exact herd, and maybe even the specific cow, that was giving “bad” milk.

Meanwhile, in many urban areas, cattle were kept in horrible, dirty, stinking feedlots.  They were fed inferior food, and therefore needed artificial supplementation that could come from anything from corn to alcohol by-products.  These cattle were often sick because of their horrible diets and unsanitary living conditions.  They needed to be given massive, routine doses of antibiotics just to survive.  To increase profits, the cows were also given hormones to promote their growth and the amount of milk given.

The milk from these cows was riddled with bacteria.

Whoa. Big surprise.

So, in order to keep people from becoming ill from this inferior milk, the companies marketing it pasteurized it – killing the bad bacteria, as well as much of the good vitamins and nutrients.  Then it was “fortified” by adding artificial versions of the good stuff back in. Keep in mind that many of the antibiotics and hormones are not removed by this process.  Further, the milk is “homogenized.”  This changes the chemical bonds of the milk so that the cream doesn’t separate.

By any reasonable person’s definition this processed stuff is not as nutritious as the raw milk that comes from healthy cows raised in a proper, humane fashion.

However, the FDA, in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended,) made a huge, overarching statement to protect us all from the badly mass-produced milk.  They didn’t make it illegal to treat cows in a horrible fashion, allowing them to live in filthy diseased conditions…. no… that would have hurt big dairy producer’s profits.  Instead, they made it near impossible (in some states, illegal) to buy raw milk from any farmer, ever.

So now we live in a country where it’s legal to buy cigarettes at any corner store.  We have artificial ingredients, containing known carcinogens in God-knows how much of our food.  School kids are given “pasteurized processed American cheese food” (that’s honestly what it’s called, right on the package) instead of cheddar or mozzarella.

But we can’t drink raw milk.

Because that might make us sick.

“That makes perfect sense,” said no one, ever.

Actually, statistically, you have a significantly greater chance of contracting food poisoning from grocery store produce than you do from a healthy, grass-fed cow’s raw milk.

Exactly what are the benefits of drinking raw milk?

Well… aside from the fact that you will NOT be consuming drugs and hormones that actually alter your body…

Raw milk has been known to HELP CURE food allergies.  Many people who can’t tolerate processed milk thrive on the real stuff.

Kids that grow up exclusively on raw milk have stronger, straighter, healthier teeth as well as jaw bones that accommodate all of their teeth, eliminating the need to have wisdom teeth pulled. (Ever wonder why God gave you more teeth than room for them?  He didn’t.)

Children who drink raw milk have fewer ear infections, fewer asthma attacks, fewer colds, and generally stronger immune systems.

People who drink raw milk have lower chance of osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Read all about these benefits and more here or here or here.

Don’t you want to rush out and buy some?

Well… expect to jump through some hoops.  Use a code name to make the contact.  Meet a farmer in a back alley…

Not really, but sort of.

Here is a great listing, by state, of dairies selling unpasteurized dairy products.  Note the lengthy warning to farmers at the top of the page.  Sheesh.

But if you REALLY want to  make a difference, go here, find out who your elected officials on all levels are, and contact them, asking them to allow us to buy real, whole, local foods at our own discretion instead of that of the federal government.


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  1. You amaze me 🙂 I’m now smarter.

    Remember when organic was the norm? and not a “retro” thing. My mom grew up on a farm, they had their own cows, chicken, and pigs, and grew their own garden. It’s what was necessary, now organic is a fab! and an expensive one. Oh how I long to have my own plot of land, my own family farm and garden, and draw my source of electricity from solar or wind power 😦 If I ruled the world, this is just how it would be.

    Love ya!

  2. sounds like you have been keeping up sith the weston a. price teachings! we love our raw milk and would recomend all people give it a try. i have four healthy happy kids that drinik only raw milk and water on a daily basis. i can not say enough good things about raw milk!

    • My chiropractor posted some things about raw milk on her Facebook page over the summer. That is really the first thought I’d given it. I just bought what was in the store because it was there, and bought soy products for my daughter because milk gave her a belly ache. Then I started thinking about what I had as a kid and did a bit of research and I was stunned.
      I am baffled to think that someone would make MILK illegal. Why not make dirty feed lots illegal? I just can’t comprehend the thought process there.

  3. Am I missing something? Did you forget to post the link where it says “Here is a great listing, by state, of dairies selling unpasteurized dairy products.” I am sharing this blog post on my Facebook page. Love it!

      • I wouldn’t mind running to Ann Arbor every other week. But Oh my goodness, the prices are steep! There’s a dairy that delivers in Ann Arbor and it’s $57 a year to “lease” a cow since they cant sell raw milk, you have to own your own cow, LOL..But then $8.50 a gallon on top of that. They also have raw honey, and organically raise meat. I would love to win the lottory some day. =)

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