Showing My Vacation Slides – Disney, 2012

Showing My Vacation Slides – Disney, 2012

I know.  There is NOTHING more awesome than watching other people’s vacation memories, right?

I made my BFF sit through all 50 gazillion photos and videos and listen to the stories about each one, but for you, dear readers, I’ll sum up.

Our Disney Vacation was wonderful!  We spent 6 entire days together and it turned out we all still liked each other at the end of the week.  Good news, for sure!

The drive was long.  Really, really long.  We picked Handsome Hippie Hubby up from work at 11pm and hit the road.

At about 6:30 the following night we saw THE SIGN:

I’m not sure four people have ever been so happy to see anything before!

We spent the first night at the Disney All-Star Movie Resort and had a wonderful time, generally hamming it up like a bunch of crazy tourists.

First thing in the morning we got our wake up call from Brer Rabbit and Mickey Mouse and jumped on Sweet Hippie Daughter to cover her with birthday kisses.

We ate the best breakfast ever – leftover pizza and chocolate birthday cake!  And then faster than we ever had before we got ourselves dressed and out the door.

We were off to the Magic Kingdom!

We got there before the gates opened so we had the chance to catch the welcome show and see all of the Disney Characters arrive for the day on the Antique Steam Train.

Sweet Hippie Daughter had been happy up until then, but upon glimpsing the characters it suddenly seemed to sink in that we were really at Disney World and her happiness turned into total elation!

Once the gates opened we turned the corner and saw that big beautiful iconic Disney Castle!

The kids were excited and it was wonderful to see the wonder in their eyes as they took it all in, but I especially loved how happy my handsome prince was to finally have his much-deserved special vacation.

Right away we got on the Peter Pan ride and then we were off to The Haunted Mansion.  HHH and SHD couldn’t get enough.  By the end of the day they’d ridden it three times.

Little Hippie Baby, on the other hand, did NOT like the scary stuff.  Or the dark stuff.  Or anything with elephants (who knew?).

But he was a big fan of It’s a Small World and ANYTHING with Mickey Mouse.

Of course, we met The Mouse and his girl and gazillions of other characters.

The hotel had given SHD a special birthday pin so almost every cast member and character went out of their way to wish her happy birthday.  The very best birthday wish came from the Dapper Dans who sang her a very special serenade:

We spent the afternoon riding and seeing shows and generally having the time of our lives.  By 8pm, the start of the fireworks display, Little Hippie Baby had reached his limit!

But we still had 5 more hours to play!  He napped in his stroller while we saw the Electrical Light Parade and slept through most of the Carousel of Progress and then rejoined us for our last few rides of the day.

It was 3 am by the time we got checked into our new hotel and everyone climbed happily into their beds.

After a nice long sleep and a very leisurely morning/early afternoon, we meandered over to our resort’s water park and spent the rest of the day basking in the sun, playing in the sand, and floating in the lazy river.  It was the perfect way to relax and unwind!

Wednesday we woke up rested and ready to roll, so we were off to Hollywood Studios!

There was the Space Ranger Spin and the Tower of Terror (by far, SHD’s favorite ride EVER… I don’t blame her, the effects were amazing!), the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, A Disney Jr. Show another parade and LOTS more characters.

Speaking of characters… if you ever have the opportunity to be saved from the forces of evil by Mr. Incredible and Frozone, prepare for some big laughs.  I never knew two guys who can’t talk could be so funny!

After lunch the kids spent quite a while playing in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids set.  They’ve never seen the movie, but you don’t have to know the story to appreciate the fun in climbing around in a back yard where everything has been magnified to gigantic proportions.

We spent our last morning at Downtown Disney, picking out souvenirs and gifts for friends.  We were all stunned by the extraordinary Lego sculptures at the Lego store!  And then we were off to Cocoa Beach.  It was the first time at the ocean for both of the kids.  SHD LOVED playing in the waves and LHB ate half a bucket of sand.  (Fascinating diapers for the next 48 hours.  Let me know if you want details on THAT).  I was stung by a tiny jellyfish, but no one had to pee on me so I guess it wasn’t too severe.

I saw my inspiration for where I’d like to go for MY birthday next year… you know… if the universe grants us another awesome vacation.

We had a seafood feast at The Grills at Cocoa Beach.  Shrimp (yech! But everyone else seems to love it), crab legs, Mahi, tuna…. all enjoyed on a deck with the ocean waves lapping right up against it and fun live music.  A perfect finale to a perfect vacation!

And then it was back in the car to come home.  The most exciting thing about that was getting out to eat chocolate chip waffles at Waffle House.

So there it is… my vacation slide show.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Now we are back to our routines… or at least making progress in that direction and we get to look forward to Halloween and all the fun holidays coming up.  We are kind of crazy about holidays in our house.  I love it!

I can’t wait to share some things with you about our latest attempt at “real food,” World Kindness Day, Veterans Day and more.  I hope you’ll stick around!


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  1. M loved watching your barbershop video. He is now protesting that it came to an end. The barbershop guy closest to the camera must be new, because he was following the other’s cues, and not very well.

    I will sit through your vacation slides anytime;)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am a lifelong Disney World lover, and recently booked a trip with my mom and adult sister…you’re never too old for Disney. Your photos made me all the more pumped! Good for you for starting to instill a lifelong love in your kids 😉

    • Aw! You’re going to have so much fun! Hubby and I talked about how you can do this trip with babies, big kids, teens, adults, as a romantic get-a-way as a guys or girls trip… it would look like totally different vacations, but it would still be Disney World just because there is so much there.

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