Personal Happiness, World Peace, and Good Chocolate


I was going to write about genetically modified foods and the needs for labeling, research, caution, yada yada yada.

But, then, I thought…. what in the world am I doing?!

It’s Halloween!


Today, have lots of fun, and eat far too much candy.

Just today.

Yes, I’m all for living natural and eating whole foods.

Tomorrow, you can enjoy that self-satisfied fulfillment that fills you up like a pleasant aftertaste when you drink your organic green smoothie made from vegetables grown in your own garden which you fertilized with your very own compost – made from trash that DIDN’T go to the landfill.

Today – you should let a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup dissolve on your tongue and feel the sugar flowing joyously into your veins.

Candy makes us happy.

Admit it!

No matter how healthy you are and how much you claim to enjoy your salt-free boiled free-range chicken breasts…

you smile when you eat candy.

And, really, doesn’t being happy make us better, more peaceful, productive citizens?

I’m not talking about fulfilling every selfish desire you ever had or throwing all inhibition to the wind.

But, today, I recommend eating more candy than you should.

Think of it like an oxygen mask on an airplane.  You have to put your own mask on before you are able to help anyone else.  If you don’t you will suffocate and be no use to anyone.

Happiness is like that.  You need to allow yourself to indulge a bit now and then and experience the joy and silliness of life so that you can share joy and silliness with others.

Happy silly people tend to be quite nice to one another.

Eating candy today could be the key to world peace.

Do your part!

One night of candy** won’t make you obese or cause diabetes or give you permanent personality disorders (no promises on the short-term).

I’m pretty certain that whatever-the-heck they use to make “grape” flavor (have you ever actually tasted a grape that tasted remotely like that?) won’t give you cancer if you just eat it once a year.

I feel confident in saying that, no matter how much you chew, you won’t get cavities from one day of bubble gum.

So, just for today, throw all caution to the wind and enjoy every minute of indulging in candy – one of life’s great pleasures.

There’s more than enough time to talk about GMOs and other serious business tomorrow.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Snickers bar with my name on it.

I’ll meet you back here, tomorrow.

**I think, if you endured the worst of Hurricane Sandy, your increases stress probably burned up a LOT of calories, so you get at least 2 days (maybe even 3) of wild, unabashed candy-eating.  (Based solely on my entirely unscientific opinion)


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  1. If only it were just one day, but mid-November I am still raiding my kids’ Halloween stash. I need an organic, garden fresh green smoothie the size of my bathtub in order to detox from the last two weeks.

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