Fast Friday – Such A Little Thing


You may have already seen this picture, posted on George Takei’s Facebook page, but I just had to share it.


I doubt the folks who so thoughtfully hung out an extension cord for their neighbors had any idea how many people they would inspire.

They certainly had an impact on me!

What a powerful reminder that doing something “little” can make a huge difference for someone.

What a powerful reminder that I should be thankful for what I have. My electricity was never knocked out by the storms last week.  I have a warm, snug, safe home and food in the refrigerator.  I have my family – all strong and healthy.  I am blessed beyond measure!

Today I am reminded, by these caring neighbors, to share my blessings freely, that others too may be blessed.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Love and be loved.  Have fun. Stay safe.  See you back here on Monday!


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  1. It’s great when tragedy brings out the humanity in us.
    No tragedy here now that the wildfires are out, but somebody left a bag of luscious tomatoes on my doorstep today. And I don’t know who to thank.

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