Baking Cookies, Stealing Ideas, Awards and Thankfulness


hahahaha! It’s a Hippie Turkey from!

I’m not really a very creative or crafty person.

There are a few reasons for this.

#1 – LAZY hippie mama.  Why spend a whole bunch of time hand-crocheting a blanket when I can, for about the same amount of money (have you priced good yarn lately?!) buy one at a craft show or local shop?  Maybe when I don’t have kids in the house and am not working and so forth I’ll feel more inspired to direct some energies toward being a producer and not just a consumer.  Time will tell.

#2 – I totally lack artistic talent of any kind.  I distinctly remember a sixth grade art project in which we were to draw our “dream room” in perspective using a pencil to draw as well as to shade.  I seriously labored over that project for weeks.  I thought of every little detail and studied pictures to notice how things appeared bigger or smaller as you looked at them from different angles.  I don’t think there were many school projects I ever threw myself into with such passion.  As I turned it in I was practically bursting with pride.  I had finally created a real work of art… not just one of those childish elementary school construction paper projects.  A few days later I got it back with a C- grade.  My dreams were crushed.  I gave up all hope of ever succeeding as an artist.  When, years later, I saw “A Christmas Story” I totally empathized with poor Ralphie who’s Wicked Witch of the West teacher just didn’t understand his efforts.

#3 – The Destructor.  If you don’t know about my Little Hippie Baby you can get some idea of what he’s like by reading this or this or this.  Perhaps when he reaches that special age where he knows not to drink the glue or try to cut the dog’s tail off with the scissors we can have some crafty supplies about the house.

So, knowing that, you will understand my bafflement when people say, “You should ask Hippie Mama to design the ultra-cool Christmas play sets.  She’s SO CREATIVE!”

I’m really not.

But I am pretty good at copying other people’s clever ideas… you know… when I feel ambitious.  A few times a year.

Last week, for instance.

Sweet Hippie Daughter has been struggling to master the skill of multiplying by 4, but she’s worked hard and I think she’s starting to get it.  (Please note that she has no trouble with 2s, 3s, or 5s.  I don’t get it either.)  I had the idea that she could bake cookies (she LOVES to cook) and quadruple the recipe.  Well… I didn’t have the idea.  I stole it from WeirdUnsocializedHomeschoolers.  They blogged about the benefits of setting your kids free (safely) in the kitchen a while back.

She did great!  She even multiplied the fractions (once I explained how that works)!  I was very proud of her.

Of course, this assignment had the pleasant side-effect of filling our kitchen with cookies.


It seemed only appropriate that we share the yummy abundance, so we made little Thanksgiving packages for all of our neighbors.  They really are great neighbors.  They are friendly and generally not too nosy and they don’t get mad at us when we are the last ones on the block to rake our leaves…. or at least, if they are mad they keep it to themselves.

We topped our cookies with a little homemade turkey note.

A few years ago I was at the library and they had a super cute turkey on the bulletin board made out of circles and triangles.  I can TOTALLY make circles and triangles!  So, now, that’s my go-to turkey design.

See what I mean about stealing other people’s ideas?

So, since this was such a rare and lovely day of creative expression and giving, I thought I would document it with pictures.

Cute, right?   Don’t you wish you were my neighbor?

In other news, Coffee Powered Mom gave me a great honor last week!  She awarded me the “Coffee Powered Writer Award” for my post “Is Home birth a Scary Option?”

This especially meant a lot to me because that post, in particular, is very close to my heart.  It was not a blast to the good doctors and nurses who have dedicated their lives to bringing babies safely into the world.  Rather, it was a plea to the American Medical System to empower women to make the choices that are best for them and their babies, without interference from the big businesses of pharmaceuticals and insurance.  I was trying to point out that we’ve gone so far from nature that natural now seems weird and unsafe to us.

Thank you CPM!  I love your blog, too!

If you, like me, enjoy stealing other people’s awesome ideas, CPM is a great resource!  This is one I’ve got great plans for.

Finally, it wouldn’t be thanksgiving week without making a thankful list!

Few things in the world make me happier than counting my blessings.  It can pull me out of a funk every time.  So here is a list of eight things I’m feeling especially thankful for today, in no particular order.

Why eight?

Because I told SHD to choose a number and that’s what she chose.

#1 I am thankful for my Handsome Hippy Hubby.  He really is the kindest, gentlest, most patient husband in the whole world.  He puts up with so much from me and gives so much of himself and, after all these years, he still kisses me and tells me he loves me every day.  I really love that guy!

#2 I am thankful for comfy shoes.

#3 I am thankful for baby wipes.  Seriously, I don’t know how a mommy could survive without them.

#4 I am thankful for my awesome office chair.  It’s just the right amount of tippy and swively so that I can be restless and productive at the same time.

#5 I am thankful for supportive undergarments.  Some things in life need to be firmly harnessed.  I have a feeling that this will only become more true as time goes on.

#6 I am thankful for my Kindle Fire.  It’s such a handy little tool!

#7 I am thankful for my BFF.  She’s always been there for me and she makes me laugh and she gave my Little Hippie Baby a very sweet little friend to have as his own BFF.

Little Hippie Baby and M. Love those boys!

#8 I’m thankful for people who respond to my blog posts by “liking” them or “commenting (even when they disagree)” or following me on Facebook.  All those little orange notification stars are like happy little surprises that come to me all day long and tell me, “Even though you can’t draw a picture in perspective and you are too lazy to knit your own socks, I think your writing is, at least occasionally, worth reading.”  They just make me feel good.

Happy Monday, dear readers!  It’s Thanksgiving week!  There is no better way to get your Hippie on than to give thanks.  Have fun with all that Thankfulness and I’ll see you back here in a day or two.


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  1. Haha, I’m so happy right now! Why, you ask? Because now I know I am not the only one who cant come up with an original idea to save my life! I love Pinterest because it helps me “borrow” cute, creative ideas from others who are so willing to share! 😀

  2. First of all, school ruined my artistic creativity as well. There’s nothing worse than being in an emotionally fragile stage in your life, and then being graded poorly on something that you tried really hard on.

    Second of all, your blog is awesome and funny and insightful and just plain fantastic.

    Third of all, baby wipes are amazing. 😀

    • Exactly! I’m not a big fan of giving mercy grades for poor work but at the same time, if a student tried really hard… especially in ART for goodness sake! Who was that mean old lady to tell me my art work wasn’t worthy? Art is subjective. I should dig out that drawing and take it to the local gallery. It could turn out to be the next big thing in post-modernist perspective! hahahaha!!! I’m cracking myself up over here. 🙂

      • I got a 60 on this art project that I thought I was super creative about. It crushed me and I stopped trying.

        I don’t think that art should be graded on product, but rather participation and following guidelines.

  3. Your dream room story broke my heart. I, too, was that deflated child. Art is about personal expression. How can you put a “grade” on that?
    Precious pics of the cookie baking :o)

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