Jesus Never Had a Christmas Tree


My family lives on a screwy schedule.

Handsome Hippie Hubby works in the kind of fancy-pants restaurant you would love to take your family to for the holidays, presuming you had $1,000 to spend on Thanksgiving Dinner for 5 people.  That means that he has to work most every holiday.

I work for a church.  That means I get every holiday off, but am usually insanely busy the week preceding the event itself.

Over the course of the years we’ve just sort of adapted and started picking our own days to celebrate various occasions.  This year, Thanksgiving is today, Tuesday, November 20.

Oddly, as the aroma of turkey begins to fill the house and the pumpkin pies call to me from the other room, “Eat me!” I find myself with a rare moment of silence.

Handsome Hippie Hubby and Sweet Hippie Daughter are off on an errand for a few minutes and Little Hippie Baby is taking a nap before the festivities begin.

Ah…. I am thankful for moments of silence!

I love my family with all my heart, but sometimes my ears need a rest.

Since I had this time, I thought I would write a short bit, totally uninterrupted.

Ah… I am really thankful for moments of silence!  (Did I mention that already?)

I hear that people are all up in arms about “holiday trees.”


Last year at our house this is one of the symbols we used to celebrate our faith. Isn’t it pretty? You can call it whatever you like. I know exactly what it means to me.

I understand.

Really, I do.

Christmas is a Christian holiday, after all.  I am a Christian and this is the most festive time of year for me because it is the time of year when we remember that the God who created the entire universe, in all its glorious complexity, loved ME enough to come to earth as a man, experience life as my fellow humans and I experience it, face death… and conquer it.

That is a VERY big deal!

It is worth celebrating!

I understand that my brothers and sisters in Christ can find it  irksome that people of all faiths (and no faith at all) have hijacked such a sacred event and turned it into an excuse for gluttony and greed and excess.

But here’s the thing….

There are no Christmas trees in the Bible.

Maybe the Druids should be having a fit that we stole their idea.

There are no Christmas lights in the Bible, either.

Perhaps those who celebrate the Birth of The Invincible Sun God right after the winter solstice should be upset that we stole their idea.

I could go on and on and on.  Yule logs, mistletoe, fruit cake, wreaths…. all of these things can be traced back to traditions far older than Christianity.

Does that make them inherently evil?

Not in my opinion, though some would disagree.

For me, my gorgeous decorations, roaring fire and all of the yummy treats are a reminder of the extraordinary gifts of Life and Love and, above all, Saving Grace from the One True God who loves me.  ME! Can you believe it?!

If someone else just wants a meaningless “holiday tree” in their home, or a yule tree, or a Hanukkah tree, or a “big messy pine tree that smells good,” then so be it.

Instead of getting angry about such nonsense, I’d rather direct my energy toward loving God with all my heart and loving others as myself.

After all, isn’t that the single most important thing Christ taught us?

Christianity is all about LOVING… not getting offended at every little thing that doesn’t suit our worldview.

And now that I got that off my chest… I hear the pitter-patter of little feet telling me that the moment of silence is over.

It was nice, but I am thankful for the moments of chatter, too.  My life would be so empty without it!

Enjoy your day.  Eat some pumpkin pie.  It’s OK, because now you know that it’s Thanksgiving Day somewhere!


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  1. When I was growing up, we had a Christmas tree, mistletoe, presents, Santa, decorations…but no religion. I always thought of it as us celebrating the commercialism of Christmas. Which I am still totally fine with, to this day.

  2. I am not a Christian, though many of my dearest friends and favorite bloggers are. My favorite mother (I have three) was one of the grandest and best Christians I have ever known (she actually lived by the faith she professed). My husband is also a Christian and was raised in an Evangelical faith, that I am a recovering Catholic and a professed Deist is a source of constant consternation to his family, that I actually read the Bible (cover to cover twice) is a source of wonderment to them.

    When my children were young we always put up decorations, I wanted them to have all the trimmings. Finally, one day when my youngest was thirteen he asked why and I said “I do it for you”. He told me that was simply stupid. I drag all the decorations out, decorate the house, decorate the tree which inevitably the cats tear up. Then after Christmas they have to put everything away. Every Christmas we go to Grandma, who actually understands Christmas. Reads the Christmas story, sings holy songs on Christmas eve and takes them to Christmas Eve church.

    I never decorated again. We don’t give gifts (except to grandchildren) we find a worthy cause, this year an orphanage in Haiti and a Food Bank in town and give our donate.

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