We Are Beautiful!


It’s not just any Monday.  Today is the Monday following a holiday weekend.

If you, like me, traveled and ate and shopped and played and generally had a wonderful time celebrating the Season of Thanksgiving then you are facing this day feeling exhausted and fat.

I was going to add, “broke,” but… yeah me!… I didn’t over spend.  Much.

No worries!

Lazy Hippie Mama is here to help you get your Hippie on!

Guess what?

You are beautiful!

I mean it!

You are really truly extraordinary.

Your body, even with occasional glitches, is a marvel of engineering!

You process billions of bytes of information every single second… even when you are sleeping!

You are able to eat and drink, take the nutrients you need from the items consumed, and pass the rest out of your system.

Even when you are feeling stiff and achy from too many hours on your feet at the mall, you are able to move with a grace and fluidity that is unmatched by any machine ever created.

I can mention something you’ve never seen… say…. the color of love… and your mind immediately begins forming ideas about what that is.

If you are injured, you begin to repair yourself within seconds.

Every day you fight off countless harmful bacteria.

You have the ability to use raw materials to create something infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

What a marvel you are!

You are beautiful! You are gorgeous! You are wonderful!

Do you look in the mirror and notice that this is sagging or that is flabby or wonder where that particular stray hair came from?

Well, stop it!

Instead, make a conscious effort to notice all that is good about yourself.

Are your legs strong and healthy enough to carry you where you want to go?

Are your fingers agile enough to type?

Do your eyes see with clarity?

Do your ears hear tiny details?

Are your bowels consistently regular?

Does your heart beat, strong and steady?

Do you have those strong, shiny nails or thick, lustrous hair that other people pay good money to try to achieve?

When you make the effort to notice what is good, you will begin to see what all the fuss is about.

We silly humans have an odd quirk.  We judge ourselves so much more harshly than we judge others.

Recently, I was reminded of the folly of that way of thinking by this gorgeously written blog post.

Loving the world…. making it a better place for all of us, starts with loving yourself.

You are beautiful!

And so am I.

Now, go fearlessly into this week, giving thanks for all your blessings!

I will do the same, and I will start out by giving thanks for each one of you, dear readers.



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