How Do You See The World?


I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say, “If you want to see the world differently, change the way you look at the world.”

What a powerful statement!

Look at this famous optical illusion:

Do you see an old lady or a young woman?

Look at it a little differently.

What do you see now?

What you see depends upon where you place your focus.

Viewing the world around us works in much the same way.

Do you see the world as full of hopeless, endless pain and suffering?

I bet it’s easy to see that all around you.  It’s exhausting and demoralizing to live in such a world, I’m sure!

If you have found that particular worldview to be less than fulfilling I suggest you try to look at the world differently.

When you make a conscious effort to see what is good and just and beautiful you will find that those things are all around you as well.

When you find yourself in a world that is full of such Goodness, you will find that you are inspired to live a life that is full of love and justice and beauty.

Guess what happens then?

Other people become inspired by YOU!

It is a gorgeous cycle of positive growth!

It is life changing.

It is world changing!

Recently, I discovered the most wonderful little thing that helps me remember how I want to see the world:  Huffington Post Good News.

I “liked” them on Facebook and all day long they send me happy little stories.

It may be a story as “small” as a rescued pet or as “large” as a community coming together to create something extraordinary, but every story shows the beauty of the human experience.

And it really is beautiful.

If you find yourself wishing the world was a better place, I suggest you turn off the evening news and go looking for good news (at Huffington or anywhere).  I can guarantee, once you start looking for it you will find that it was there all along.

When you find it, pass it along.  When the day comes that we are all focusing on the good, perhaps the bad will cease to exist.


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