A Hippie Mama, Getting Older


Where it all began: November 28, 1976

It’s my birthday!

Feel free to send gifts or cash.

Just kidding!

Well….  unless you want to send gifts or cash…

Today marks the beginning of my 36th year on earth.

36 is a funny age for me.  It seems like I should feel grown up now, but most days I feel like I’m playing house.

Some have asked if I feel old and I think, “Gosh! No.  Do I look old?!  Maybe I should be feeling old!”

Compared to all the wisest, most beautiful, wonderful women I know I’m quite young.  And that brings me back to feeling like I’m just playing house.

A lovely silver-haired lady I know once told me, “Inside every old woman is a young lady asking, ‘what the Hell happened?!'”

I have a feeling I may wake up one day and be asking myself the same thing.

For the record, I would be much more excited about new shoes now than I appear to be in this picture of a birthday, past.

All kidding aside, I really don’t mind adding a digit.  It has been a great year and I’m looking forward to the next one.

I learned a lot this year.

I learned that a single small step can lead you on a great journey:  I chose to switch to cloth diapers, which led to being called a “crunchy mama,” which led to starting a blog, which led to making home-made cleaning and personal products, which led to research about existing commercial products, which led to an increased environmental awareness, which led to dietary and other lifestyle changes……..    and so it continues.

I learned that I don’t like speaking in front of people, but I can push myself to do it and I can manage complete sentences and everything.  Perhaps I even shared a helpful tidbit or two to someone who needed to hear it.  If asked again, I will probably do it again.  I will still feel like throwing up, but I think it may be worth the stress if the topic is one I care about.

Coolest birthday cake I ever had!!!

I learned that the human body can pass large amounts of non-edible objects, though it is thoroughly unpleasant.

I learned that my family can ride happily and comfortably in a car together for 12 hours, but after that we are all rather tired and grouchy.

I learned that, at least some times, all you have to do is ask when you want something.

I learned that religion and politics are NOTHING compared to the controversy of home birth vs. hospital birth.

I learned how to make perfect bacon.  It’s all about the right pan and lots of patience.  I was rushing before.

I learned that living life is often like making bacon.  If you rush things, you’ll be half burnt, half raw, and entirely useless to anyone.

21… not nearly as much fun as 20 year olds think it’s going to be.

On that note, I must wrap it up, though I really did learn so much more this year.  Alas, despite my greatest efforts, the federal government has yet to declare my birthday a  holiday so I still have to do all of the things a woman of such mature years has to do on a Wednesday.  Next year, though, my birthday IS a federal holiday.  Mark your calendars now.  I propose we all celebrate with huge feasts followed by crazed shopping sprees!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!  Here’s to another blessed year of growth and joy!

Here is some great birthday humor to bring a smile to you on this, most momentous of days:


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
    I think it’s hilarious that you wrote 21 was not as good as 20 thought it would be. My 19 year old self agrees, my 18 year old self was wayyyyy off with how awesome it was supposed to be. (Canada)
    I don’t think aging is a huge deal unless you have regrets. It seems like a certain Hippie Mama may not have any…… 😀

    • Yeah… I was expecting the party to start as soon as I turned 21 but somehow it didn’t work out that way. I bought a bottle of vodka, get REALLY drunk, threw up for 3 days… it really wasn’t fun at all. On the other hand, 24 was an AWESOME year. 🙂 No regrets. I haven’t always made good choices, but the choices I’ve made have shaped the life I have and, all things considered, it’s really quite a nice life.

  2. I just sang the whole Happy Birthday song to you,both verses and everything.I hope you liked it.As for playing house I still feel like we are.The kids are all out and we play and play.Love it.

  3. Happy Birthday! I am younger than you by only 2 months but most days I feel very very much older. I am learning to be young again though, and your blog is part of my learning experience. Keep it up!

    • You have had that year… the year that exhausts the soul and makes a person feel 100 years old. I had that year when I was 19. I remember, quite literally, looking in the mirror and being surprised that I didn’t have gray hair and wrinkles. Tie a knot and hold on, dear lady. Good karma is headed your way!!! I think of you often and pray for your family and those dear little ones. I don’t know all the details, but what I know is enough to make me admire your selflessness very much. As soon as you get 2 or 3 whole nights of sleep in a row I bet you’ll be feeling much younger again!

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