Can I Ask a Favor?


MC900434605It’s totally random.

It’s completely unimportant in the bigger scheme of things.

I really can’t even tell you why I care.

Well… yes I can.

I care, because Facebook keeps sending me these incredibly annoying messages that “You just need ONE MORE FOLLOWER!”  If one more person “likes” me on Facebook then they will recognize me as a “real” page.

And I’ve been one short for… well… a very long time now.

It’s seriously irritating.

If you would be so kind as to “like” me, it could save my sanity.  Plus, it will make me feel special and loved.

Don’t you want me to feel special?  (hehehehe)

If you “like” me I promise not to spam you with thousands of random hippie thoughts all the time.

I’ll even “like” you in return, if you want me to!

Thank you for your consideration of this completely mundane matter.


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  1. “gigs” Isn’t it amazing how we become dependent on the opinion of a machine. I don’t use FB simply because I was tired of software making me feel unimportant. I have family who do that quite nicely.

    I enjoyed stopping by. (and I LOVE your name)

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