There are Greater Things…


2100076I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today.  I’m a bit pressed for time and working to maintain a steady level of Hippie zen.

It’s a manic Monday.

Then  funnygurl2 came to the rescue, as she’s often been known to do in my life.

She told me that North Korea discovered a real unicorn lair.


Who doesn’t love unicorns?!

So I Googled “North Korea Unicorn” and got this Today Show link:

I admit,  I giggled.

“Let’s go to the candy mountain, Charlie!”

*snicker snicker*

I understand why they are so flippant about the whole thing.  I do.  But, consider this:  once upon a time some nutball said that the earth was round and rotated around the sun.  Everyone thought he was crazy.

Who’s laughing now?

Well… no one.  Because they’re all dead and I’m sure there are more important things to think about on the other side.

But you know what I mean.

So don’t be so snarky, Matt Lauer!  You don’t know everything!

Maybe unicorns are a myth and the leader of North Korea is just trying hard to be awesome.

But MAYBE someone really did discover a unicorn lair.

Why not?

Have you seen some of the freaky stuff that lives in the ocean? Ever seen a duck-billed platypus or a three-toed sloth?  Unicorns don’t seem so weird at all, relatively speaking.

Open your mind to the possibility that there are “more things in heaven and earth that are known” in our modern philosophy and you will find that the world becomes a truly wonderous, mysterious, exciting place to live!

It’s Monday!  Have fun!  Embrace life! Today you won the gift of a new week.  What wonderful things can you do with it?  Slap a unicorn sticker on the back of your hand and go get your hippie on.

See you back here soon.


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