Well Done, America!


I love this picture!

I’m not a big Obama supporter.  I think he has some pluses and minuses.  In general, I don’t agree with his ideology, but I LOVE this picture!

I love that, in a single lifetime America has overcome prejudice  not only to the point of eliminating the “blacks ride in the back” sort of thinking, but all the way to where a black man can be president.

I am proud of us!  I know that we still have room for growth, but this is good progress.  It gives me great hope for the world my grandchildren will live in, 57 years from now.




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  1. I also love that picture. Unlike you though, I don’t believe we have come far, we elected a bi-racial president because enough of our electorate are Black, Brown or other and got out and voted. Enough of our electorate are women who refused to be sent back to the 1950’s and back alleys. But look at the signs, look at the 25% of the the GOP who want to leave the Union. Look at the absolute disrespect this president has had to tolerate, more than any other ever.

    No we haven’t overcome racism, prejudice or xenophobia. If anything since the election of this president it has only come to the surface and shown its true colors.

    I wish this weren’t true. As one part of mixed marriage I see it every day. Believe me I wish it weren’t true.

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