Welcome, Please Excuse the Mess


MP900386497Today is a big day for me!

I wrote, “What Advent Means to Me,” and Huffington Post was kind enough to publish it.

Granted, I’m in a somewhat obscure corner of the Religion section.  But still….  in my little Hippie world, this is a major event.

Thank you Huffington Post!

If you have linked over here from HP, I would like to extend a warm welcome.  I am honored that you read what I wrote and even more so that you were interested enough to click my name and see where it leads you.

Welcome!  Please excuse the mess.

Things here at LazyHippieMama aren’t always neat and tidy.  Sometimes I can write things that are beautiful and profound.  Sometimes I can be helpful and informative.  Often I’m just sharing a day in my life.

My blog is a lot like my house:  warm and welcoming and peaceful, but not very tidy or organized.

Feel free to look around.  I hope you’ll find something that inspires you.   It’s only fair, since you’ve inspired me, just by visiting.

Thanks for that!

Have a lovely visit, and come back soon!



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