A True Santa Story


MP900446391A few days ago I read the following true story.  All day long it kept coming back to me and reminding me not to forget to expect miracles.  They are all around us!

The author is an acquaintance of mine that I wish I knew better. She is smart and fun and quick to help in times of need and just irreverent enough to crack me up frequently.   I think you will want to know her better too, so I asked her to be my first ever guest blogger and share her story.  (Thank you, Emma for agreeing!)  Enjoy it, and be filled with the hope and joy of the season!

“My Santa Story”

I  use  to work at the mall taking pictures of Santa .  It was a fun job in general. The kids were fun and my  Santa was the best.  We had several.  Every once in a while some one would send their kids up with a sad story. Like  they didn’t have money for Christmas and then hand over a letter to Santa with their address.

I am not saying they were not true stories but… some seemed sorta odd.

Anyway… one  year…  A little girl with red hair ran up to Santa and just threw her arms around him and held on real tight. By this time her dad had made his way to me and said,  “she wanted to tell Santa thank you.”

I asked,  “Thank you?  For  what? ” And he asked if this was the same Santa as the year before.  I told him that we had several different ones and he smiled and says,  “I think I remember you. Were you working here last year?”

I said yes and then he asked if I remembered  his daughter. I tried but I could not remember her.  Then he said, “She probably didn’t have the long red hair,  hair is a new thing  for us.”

I was kinda confused. We tend to get some strange people.   I am sure he could see my  confusion and he said,  “Last year we needed a miracle . My daughter  was very sick and she needed a transplant but they where having a hard time finding a match . She thought Santa could help so she came and  asked Santa for a donor.  He went on to say that Santa said, “I will do the best I can do.”

The man said that as soon as they left the mall they had a call that they had a found a donor.

By this time I am nearly in tears.

The man thanked Santa and  told the little girl it was time to go.

I walked over to Santa and asked him if he remembered the little girl and he said that he didn’t at first but then she told him that she got her transplant.  He said he remembered that night.

We where very busy. Santa said he thinks it was Christmas Eve.  He said that he remembered crying when he talked to the little girl but we were so busy all he could do was pray .

I smiled and said,  “YOU ARE THE BEST SANTA EVER!”

It’s been a long time so I don’t remember what kind of transplant she needed. I don’t even know if I would know the  girl or her father if I were to see then again. But the story is true and it did happen once upon a Christmas at a “Santa And Me.”

I no longer work there.  I got married and it seems to have become a “job.”  I know that times are tough and money is tight, but I just want everyone to remember that it’s the time of  year where miracles happen.

It happened  for that little girl so I know it can happen for anyone.

-Emma Schwartz


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  2. What a beautiful touching story. I fully believe miracles still happen every day. Bless that Santa for taking the 10 seconds to say a heartfelt prayer for such a sweet girl.

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