December 13 & 14


If you are looking for a super-cute gift for a little girl, or a way to keep their arms warm in a sleeveless Christmas dress (who ever came up with that idea, anyway?!), go here, and buy one of these! You’ll have something adorable and you’ll be helping out a fellow mom and blogger. What more can you ask for?!


Coffeepoweredmom’s Coverlettes

I think I’m going to put up a nicer picture of them. Perhaps tomorrow. We’ll see. In the meantime: Grub Face and Frizzy Hair!


This is my solution to their Christmas dresses having straps instead of sleeves. I don’t want them to get cold when we go a-visiting.


I used a (new to me) large stitch so that the details of their dresses are still going to be largely visible underneath, but that their shoulders will be covered and kept warm.


I added small bows to each to keep them decorative and beautiful.


Kira’s dress is pink, so I chose a neutral white colour for her coverlette.


Ally’s dress is black so I chose a lovely burnt orange colour that I own to add a pop of colour to her outfit.

My super exciting news is this: I have decided to sell these online.

Wooooooo!!!! I know you’re…

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