Has The World Given You Garbage?


bIt is so easy to say that we will give out of our abundance… when the day of abundance comes.

“If I ever win the lottery I will give a million dollars to that charity!”

“When I retire I’ll have plenty of time to help that organization.”

“At the end of the month, if there is anything left over, maybe I’ll give to that good cause.”

I am guilty of this.  I often feel small and insignificant in the big scheme of things, and I’m certain that my tiny contribution couldn’t possibly be worthwhile.  I tell myself I will wait until I can give more, do more, be more.

Then, today, a friend posted the video below on Facebook.  As I watched it, dumbstruck by the power of the human spirit, I thought of the terrible tragedy of lives senselessly lost in Connecticut.

Those families woke up today, thinking it was a normal Friday morning.   We have no way of knowing what each day will bring us.  We cannot guess which hour will be our last.

You may have thousands of days left to accomplish the things you desire.

You might just have today.

I am challenged to consider what I have RIGHT NOW to give.  How can I help?  What can I do?  I don’t have a million dollars or 40 hours of free time each week, but I have something.  If I give my little bit and you give yours and everyone else gives theirs…. can you imagine what we can accomplish?

“The world sends us garbage. We send back music.”

The world has given me SO MUCH that is good.  What can I give back?

Look at what these beautiful children have done with the little bit that was given to them by some adults who didn’t wait for later, but acted to make a better today, and be inspired!


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