A letter to my wonderful readers


MC900440665Dear readers,

I have come to love you a great deal in the past months!  I’ve shared my life and many of you have shared yours.  You’ve given me good advice and cheered my successes.

Thank you!

I have found blogging to be more fun and rewarding than I ever really expected it to be, and I look forward to many new posts to come.  I realize I’ve been less… prolific (is that the right word?) than I was a few months ago.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy writing any more.  On the contrary, I have been aching to share some things with you.

Handsome Hippie Hubby and I have embarked on a project that has been very powerful in our lives.  But it is a project that involves others, often at their most vulnerable, and neither of us feel we can “go public” just yet.

I’ve also been doing a lot of research on “green” living and how to be a better, more effective (still sorta lazy) hippie.

We’ve been evaluating where we want to go with our Hippie Homeschool.  Sweet Hippie Daughter has surprised us and delighted us and challenged us and we want to make sure we are meeting her needs and helping her grow.

Also, I’ve started the beginnings of a new site, dedicated to the discussion of theology.  I’ve realized that my “Theological Thursday” posts are, invariably, the ones I enjoy writing the most, and the discussion always pushes me to think and stretch and grow.

I want to be careful, though, that I’m not just “talking to hear myself talk.”  (Writing to see myself write?).  Your time is valuable and I wouldn’t want to waste it!  So I’ve backed off a little in order to organize my thoughts a bit and examine what I’d like to see come from this project.  After all, as other bloggers know, it is more consuming of time and energy than one would expect and, frankly, when I started blogging I never expected to have 200 followers and be working with a site as large as Huffington Post!  I want to move forward with this project carefully and with wisdom, so that it can contribute something positive to your life and mine.

And so I beg your patience as I take a short “sabbatical.”  Lazy Hippie Mama is looking forward to sharing 2013 with each of you.   I’m confident it’s going to be our best year so far!

I’ll meet you back here soon.

With Love,



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