Profound Life Lessons I’ve Learned From WordPress (the updated and improved version)


MP900433163My favorite part of every lesson, lecture, sermon, etc. is the part where they tell a story and relate it to their point.  Oh! I just love a good metaphor!

A good metaphor is cheese on a pizza.  It validates the whole thing.

OK.  That was a crappy metaphor.

But, you get the idea.

And so, getting to the point, I’ve come to realize that blogging on WordPress is often a metaphor for life, particularly in the following  ways.

1) Sometimes a language barrier cannot be overcome. Move on.  It’s not that important.

Though I have gotten better over the years, I am not a great speller.  And my grammar is less than stellar.  Because I tend to use fractured sentences.  WordPress offers an amazing proof-reading tool that helps me more than I care to admit in these areas.  However, every so often I use a word that seems common enough to me and WordPress just can’t grasp what I’m talking about.

For example, I often use the word,”shlep,” as in, “today I had to put the kids in the minivan and shlep them all over God’s green earth.”

That sentence makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?   But WordPress refuses to accept the word “shlep.”

So, do you know what I do?  I simply recognize that, while our language is very similar, the WordPress Proof-reader and I simply don’t speak EXACTLY the same dialect.  I leave the word in and I move on with my post and I don’t sacrifice my energy with needless worrying.  Not once has one of my readers (not even the ones who speak English as a second language) asked me, “What in the world is a “shlep?”

In the big picture, a single unusual or mis-spelled word is entirely unimportant.

So it is in life.

Every now and then you will stumble upon something that you and another person simply can NOT find common ground on.

Skip it.  Move on.  In the big picture, a single area of uncommon ground is entirely unimportant.  Don’t sacrifice your energy with needless worrying over it.

*An interesting side note, as I type this:  WordPress also doesn’t like the word, “speller,” but I’m going to use it anyway.  See how easy that is?

2) Everyone craves acceptance.

OK.  There are probably… like… 4 bloggers out there in the universe who really and truly write because they simply love to get the words out of their heads and they don’t care even the tiniest bit that no one has viewed their blog in the past 984 days.

The rest of us are normal.

We LOVE when that little orange star appears in the upper-right hand corner of our page.  It’s a cold drink of water on a hot summer day to see that someone “likes” your thoughts.  (Alright… still not a great metaphor.  I’ll get there.  Give me time.)

Even better…  if you’re very lucky you may find a few folks to “follow” you.

“OMG! They like me so much they want to be my disciples!”  OK.  So, it’s not exactly that kind of following, but still…

The fact that these little buttons exist on our WordPress page tells me that we all crave acceptance.  Everyone loves to feel liked.  Everyone needs that validation now and then.

So it is in life.

Take a moment today to tell someone you like something about them.  “Your hair looks very pretty today.”  “That report you gave in class was interesting.”  “Your cubicle is extraordinarily tidy.”

I can pretty much guarantee your approval will stick with that person all day.  Maybe even longer!

3) Observing is just as valid as participating (but participating is more fun).

This goes along with #2.  I think we can all agree that it’s fairly depressing when we spend a chunk of our lives writing something for the world to share and then no one reads it.

Seeing that a large number of people read my post makes me feel good about myself.  I must have written something that people found interesting (even if it was only a title).  I am happy that people observed my post.

On the other hand, if a person takes a split second to hit the “like” button, that’s even better.  And even BETTER is a comment.  Even a negative comment.  Start a discussion!  If you’re talking about what I wrote then you cared enough to read it and you put the mental energy into processing it and responding.  Then I can reply and we can get to know one another and what could be better than making a new friend in that way?!

So it is in life.

Observing life is great.  Sometimes that’s all you have the time or energy to do, and that’s OK.  But when you jump in and participate, the real fun begins and whole new avenues of adventure can open up before you.

4) Community is critical to success.

I can write a post and link it to my Facebook page and a few fellow bloggers and some folks who know me will read it.  That’s great!  But, without exception, the posts that have gotten the most views and sparked the most interesting discussions, have been the ones that have been shared by others.

I can’t be successful on WordPress unless other bloggers read, comment on, and share my posts.

So it is in life.

We are all branches on a vine.  (Hey! That was pretty good.  Except you know… it was Jesus who said that first, so I guess I can’t take credit for His work).  It is only through the hard work of others that we have schools to attend and scholarships to help us pay and businesses to work in.  It is only through the examples of others that we learn to be good parents, loving spouses and loyal friends.

By being “plugged in” to our communities we become exponentially more successful in every aspect of life.

5) Not everything is for everyone and that’s OK.  Something out there is just for you.

I have a follower who “likes” my posts every now and then (thank you!  It makes me happy every single time!).  Her site is extraordinary.  She is a gifted, creative, talented writer.  But I don’t go there very often because what she writes about just isn’t my thing.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing site.  It’s great!  Go there!  Check it out!  It’s not MY thing, but it may be just exactly yours.

Likewise, there are several sites I visit often and comment on frequently that have never “liked” or commented on mine in return.  That’s OK.  Maybe they’re just not lazy hippies.  Hey… it’s not for everybody.

So it is in life.

Maybe the way that I live, or the place that I live, or my style of worship, or the car I drive, or the food I eat isn’t what you like.  Maybe I don’t like yours.  That’s OK!  It doesn’t mean we can’t hold one another in mutual respect and admiration.  Perhaps, being different, we have much to learn from one another.

On the other hand, there are SOME people who really like the way I live, etc, and it’s always a pleasure to connect with them and explore our common interests.

6) Your voice might be the one that somebody needs to hear.

There are approximately 986 trazillion blogs in the world about homeschooling.  Every now and then a person will latch onto MY homeschool posts and want to know everything I know about the subject (which is really not that much since we are new at it).  Why my site, and not another?  As best I can figure, they just like my style.  Perhaps they, too, are frequent shleppers.  But, whatever the reason, my voice is the one that resonates with that person.

So it is in life.

Your voice is unique and special and beautiful.  Just because someone else already said something/did something/wrote something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say/do/write it in your own way.  Maybe the way YOU do it is the way I need it to be done so that I can understand that point of view.  If you don’t share, in your own unique voice, some people will never hear.

7) Laughter is a great uniter.

I have seen, in my comments and in the comments of others, whenever someone takes offense or serious umbrage at some portion of a post, if the author can say something funny in reply, the tension dissolves and real dialogue can begin.

Further, it seems that humorous posts get far more views and attract more followers than serious ones.


Well… because we love to laugh.  It’s good for our souls and even for our bodies.

So it is in life.

Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you.  Cry, and you wet your face.  (That’s an idiom, not a metaphor.  I think.  I don’t know.  I’m not really Smarter than a 5th Grader. Thank God my kid is only in 3rd grade!).

It doesn’t matter what differences you share or what barriers separate you.  If you and another person can laugh together you will be united… at least for a moment.  Find more things to laugh about in life.  Unity is a good thing.

8) There is a whole lot of crazy out there that you don’t even want to know about.

*This section is actually an update.  Handsome Hippie Hubby reminded me that I meant to mention this and forgot.

On the WordPress Dashboard there is a little box that tells you which search terms people use to find your blog.  A lot of people find me by searching things like, “Hippie Homeschool” and “DIY squirrel feeder” and “green slime.”  That’s all well and good.  Welcome aboard, Google searchers!

But one guy found me by searching, “How to cloth diaper your submissive wife.”

Yeah.  I could have happily lived my while life without knowing that somebody in the world wanted to know that particular piece of information.  Now you and I both know that people are looking for that info.  Perhaps you care to write the needed post and fill that niche.  I guarantee I will not.

So it is in life.

There is a whole lot of crazy in the world.  You don’t want to know about it.  If, by some sorry accident you find out, try hard to forget.  If you can’t forget, post it on your blog so we can all say to our spouses and roommates, “OMG! Listen to this!”

Now you know what profound life lessons I’ve learned from WordPress, so you should click “like” and “follow”, share this post with someone (or lots of someones). Take a moment to join someone in laughing at me (it’s OK.  I can take it.). Forget about the parts you didn’t understand, and carry on with your day.

I’ll meet you back here soon.

If blogging helped give you a better understanding of life tell us all about it in the comments!

If you’d like some more reading, stop by my OTHER blog, The Curious Theologian, or read about my Handsome Hippie Hubby’s extraordinary December adventure at Joy of Service.

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If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!


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    • Yes. For me, #2 is especially a big deal. I’m a little ashamed how dependent I am on the approval of others at times. But it’s true. I am. So… thank you for reading and liking and commenting. You made my day! 🙂

  1. I want to “like” a lot of your posts, but I dont wanna sign up. 😦 So I like it on fb instead:-) But sometimes I forget to like it after I go back to fb. 😥 I hope my smiley faces give you enjoyment today 😀

    • Wow! Thank you so much! This is a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning!
      I like your blog too and I suspect we have more common ground than differences. I think life is whole lot better with a little bit of magic. 🙂

  2. How to cloth diaper your submissive wife? How interesting that he is environmentally conscious.
    Anyway, it is true. There are lessons to be learned everywhere, even on WordPress. I think it’s the Christian hippie in you that sees that.

  3. This was wonderful. Funny, I like reading your theological musings, even though I will rarely comment on them simply because we are so different in our beliefs. I like reading about your adventures in homeschooling, but with both my children grown and out there is little to add to the discussion.

    I think what I am saying, I enjoy your voice. It is refreshing and usually joyful.

    As to search terms, I never look after having a couple of gross out experiences.

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