Theological Thursday – Is God Mad At Us? (Part Two)


MP900433113Read Part One, here.

Ezekiel, Chapter 7, is one of those passages where God is anything other than warm and fuzzy.  We are given a fairly gruesome picture of the wrath that is about to be poured out by a very angry God.

I don’t know why this passage, more than any other, struck a chord with me.  There are countless examples of similar warnings in the Old Testament.  One websites lists some 30+ examples of the wrath of God, often with tens of thousands of people being killed by God.

And yet when someone like Pat Robertson links a natural disaster, such as the earthquake in Haiti, to a human action, such as a “pact with the devil” we all raise up together against him.

“A loving God would never do such a thing!” We shout….

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