A President’s Day Interview With My Third Grader



I had the idea to ask my Sweet Hippie Daughter a few questions about presidents in honor of this day and learned some interesting things I never knew about her (she wants to be a priest?!) and about life (the WORST thing you can do to somebody is to rub poop on them).

SHD tells me that, unfortunately,  because George Washington is dead we don’t get cake today.  Bummer.  This post is not as good as cake, but I hope it brings you a smile.


Why do we celebrate president’s day?

Because it’s near two presidents’ birthdays.

Which presidents?

Lincoln and Washington.

Why do we celebrate those two, especially?

I think it’s because their two birthdays are so close together that instead of having that on one day and for example having Lincoln’s birthday and then the next day Washington’s birthday on certain days there’s just one certain day called president’s day.

But why do we celebrate those two presidents and not the rest of them?

I think it’s because that their birthdays are so close. And they’re dead anyway! You don’t need to make cakes and stuff.

George Washington on the $1 BillDo you know anything about George Washington, as president?


What do you know about George Washington, as president?

That people say he had wooden teeth but he really didn’t. I read it in my presidents book, that none of his dentures were wooden.

What else do you know about him?

He was the first president, ever.

Was he good at being president?

Oh, yeah!


Because he fought in lots of wars and he had many good plans and a lot of them didn’t succeed but finally… VICTORY!

What about Lincoln?  What do you know about him?lincoln

I think he was… he had a funny voice.  And he wore a big big big top hat that made him look very very very very tall.

Was he a good president?

I think so.


I don’t know.

Do you remember anything about Lincoln helping the slaves?



He freed some…?

Yes.  He did.  Do you remember anything else he did?


Can you think of the names of any other presidents?


obamaWho’s the president now?


Who was the president before Obama?

I have no idea.

I’ll give you a clue.  He lived on a ranch.

George Bush.  I thought he was old!

467206_George-Bush-And-George-Bush-Jr--GolfAny other presidents you can think of?

George Bush – the other one.  And… uh…. No.

What do you think would be the very best part of being president?

Having your own swimming pool and football field and having as many pets as you want in the white house and stuff like that.  Oh! And you can do whatever you want.

What do you think would be the very worst part?

Giving speeches.

Do you think that you would like to be president someday?


Why not?

Seems kind of boring.  I’d rather be something like… uh…. A priest.  Or maybe a video game tester.  Or maybe an artist.  I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure a priest.  And I’m starting that out right now.  I’m reading in church now.  I used to do that. Now I’m doing it again.  And I like it.  I kind of messed up last time, though.  But everyone does.

Why do you think there has never been a girl president?

Because some people think girls are wimps.  I don’t like that.  No.

Do you think that a girl could do just as good as a boy?

I don’t know.  Hmmm… I’m not sure.

If you were the president what’s something you would change?

If I was president for a day I’d say, “No wearing seat belts.  But you can if you want.”


Why would you change that law?

Because wearing seat belts is boring.

But why the part about, “If you want to?”

Because some people like wearing their seat belts.  But only nerds.

(Image from activerain.com)

(Image from activerain.com)

What do think is the most important thing that the president does?

Helps people.


Helps them do what?

Stuff. Like help make taxes.

What is the worst thing that a president could ever do?

Uhm…. Rub their poop on somebody.

What do you think is the worst thing a president could do that someone would actually do?

Make everyone slaves.

Who’s the best president the US ever had?

President Washington.  He started presidents.

Happy birthday George and Abe!



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  1. This was adorable. “Wearing seat belts is boring” hahaha…I guess she is right, you just kind of sit there, all strapped in and stuff. Thanks for sharing, made me smile for sure!

  2. I guess I’m a nerd, cuz I like my seat belt on! I’m dying over here imagining any of the presidents rubbing their poop on someone!! hahaha!

    • I know what you mean. I’m so used to wearing mine I feel “naked” without it! I think there are a few presidents who may have considered it at one time or another. George Bush Sr. threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister (or something like that) once! Close enough. hahahaha!!!

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