Hippies With Their Fingers In The Dirt


Baby, it’s cold outside!

We have had a very gray, rainy, icy, slushy, slippery wintery kind of week here in Michigan.

We usually walk to church (it’s only half a block) and last night, on the way, Sweet Hippie Daughter and I determined what had happened.  God had sneezed on us.



It’s not rain. It’s not snow.  It’s just very cold slime.

That said, the robins are starting to arrive and the first brave little crocuses are starting to peep up from the soil and so we decided to get some dirt under our nails in preparation for spring.

Gardening is one of those things I adore in theory but I’ve not really put it into practice much.  This year, my new neighbors asked if I’d like to help them cultivate a fairly large (as village property goes) chunk of property.  It was just the motivation I needed!  So I checked approximately 984 books out from the local library (just call me Hermione) about gardening and decided to try starting a few things indoors from seed.  If it doesn’t work, no great loss. We still have plenty of time to buy starter plants later.

Today, in sheer defiance of the sloppy mess outside, the Hippies got some dirt under our nails and it was great fun!

Step One was to give Chubby Hippie Baby a "helping" job to keep him busy.  "Look, Mama! I can do it all by myself!"

“Look, Mama! I can do it all by myself!” 


"These seeds are so tiny!"
“These seeds are so tiny!”

Now we just water and wait!

Now we just water and wait!



Here’s to a gorgeous spring and a bountiful harvest!

Have a beautiful day!  I’ll meet you back here soon.

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