Today Is My One Year Blogiversary!


It’s my one year blogiversary!  Hooray!

Hippies in love.

Hippies in love.

It’s been a wonderful, fun year full of growth and learning.  I “officially” have 226 followers plus 50 (lots of crossover, I’m sure) on Facebook.  That’s seriously awesome!  It makes me feel like maybe I’m not all alone in my crazy quest to find a way to promote world peace, save the earth and raise productive citizens (without expending too much effort).

In one year, there were nearly 14,000 views of my 204 posts.  Take THAT Professor “you’ll never be a writer people want to read.”

Those readers came from 94 different countries.  NINETY FOUR!  That is my very most favorite stat!  It makes me feel so… connected.

Below, is my first ever post.  As I researched and wrote the posts that followed that one, some things changed.

I stopped using hybrid diapers.  I came to realize that the liners I was flushing were a resource suck, just like disposables.  The poo isn’t really so bad to deal with.  Usually.  Most days. Sometimes.

I stopped buying the $1.25 spaghetti sauce with high fructose corn syrup.  I learned that if you shop carefully you can find some really great stuff for just a smidge more.  The sauce I bought today was more expensive.  It was $2.  But it had no sugar, no ingredients that I wouldn’t be able to identify in their raw form, organic tomatoes, it’s packaged in glass instead of a plastic lined can (no BPA)  and it’s much, MUCH tastier than the other stuff.

I don’t watch Glee anymore.  I’m stuck on Once Upon a Time now.

I use more than one spelling and grammar checker now.  Oiy.  That first post was a mess.

But for all that, the sentiment remains the same and I believe it more passionately than ever.  If we all made just a bit of an effort,  it would  make a huge difference.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this community.  You have brought me great joy!  You have challenged me to think and grow and do more and BE more than I thought I could be.  Thank you!

One final, closing request… I’m sort of needy.  I feed on the little orange “notification stars” on my WordPress page like a… a…. a…. ah, geez.  Here we go with my metaphor issues again.  Let’s just say they make me really happy.  I should probably just write for the joy of it, but the truth is I love being loved.  It’s a sickness.  So I beg you, feed the madness!  Click “like” or, better yet, leave a comment.  You’ll make my day!  Even better, become a follower of the blog or on Facebook.  OR you could “share” so that MORE people send little orange stars and then you can go to bed with the knowledge that, somewhere in Michigan a Hippie Mama is doing the happy dance and it’s all because of your kindness.

Thanks again, for a great year.  Here’s to many more years of sharing and growing together.



I think hippies are awesome.  I don’t mean the pot-smoking music lovers of the 1960′s.  I mean the new-millennium hippies.  Think about it… they want to save the earth and stop war and animal abuse and promote family and small business and all that good stuff.  Who doesn’t think those are great, worthy causes?

My family and friends call me a hippie.

Among my circle of acquaintances I am one of the few who is an adamant supporter of breastfeeding. I use cloth diapers. I put marigold tea on my little girl’s mosquito bites.  I wanted very much to have a waterbirth and railed against the universe when it became medically necessary for me to have a c-section.  Both times! (Ugh! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it!).  I have an inordinate fondness for very long skirts and dresses (though, admittedly this has more to do with covering up my hamhockesque legs than with any kind of social statement).  They roll their eyes and (not always) patiently listen while I talk about the evils of the political establishment and I’m quite certain that they talk behind my back about whether or not I’ve had my children vaccinated. (I could tell, but it’s more fun to keep people guessing).  Those closest to me always knew I was a hippie at heart, forever wandering the earth in search of….. well…. I’m not really sure. But I had fun wandering! 10 years ago I married a guy who totally gets it.  When I have a bad headache he touches my feet and tones for me.  When I had trouble with my pregnancy he enrolled me in an energetic balancing program.  He’s the one who told me about the marigolds.

But I am lazy.  And, hippies of the new millennium aren’t.  I mean…. have you ever read what it takes to make a proper compost pile?  I did it my way and just ended up with a pile of old banana peels and egg shells that the neighbors complained about.

The only reason I use cloth diapers is because someone smarter (and no doubt more ambitious) than me invented “hybrid” diapers that allow me to flush the poo away instead of actually cleaning it up. Otherwise?  Ew! No! I wouldn’t deal with that mess!

My daughter went to preschool with a hippie mama who ONLY bought organic food.  I absolutely believe that organics are healthier and we should all be eating them.  But this lady?  She drove 45 minutes from our little rural community to buy it. She paid astronomical prices and bought produce in bulk so she could can or freeze everything herself.  When Red Baron comes out with a $4 organic frozen pizza that is sold at the local Walmart I will be all over that.  Until then, my efforts are half-hearted at best.

Which brings up another point.  Being a hippie in 1968 meant living in a park in California and bathing less often.  These days it’s quite pricey!  Organics cost a fortune.  So do vaccinations, for that matter! Anyway…. that’s a blog for another day.  But being one of the 99% makes a lot of my decisions too.  I buy the $1.25 spaghetti sauce with High Fructose Corn Syrup (gasp!) instead of the $7 all natural stuff on the top shelf.

A hippie mama (in my mind) spends time with her child picking wildflowers and composing music to the beat of the bongos.  Mostly I watch TV with my kids.  Only educational TV though. Well. Mostly. But I have discovered a few cheap, easy ways to make a bit of an effort toward saving the earth, protecting animals, promoting family time, etc.  And, let’s face it, if we all made just a bit of an effort, wouldn’t it make a huge difference?

So, now I have a blog and I hope to share all my lazy hippie tips. And maybe… just maybe… we can save the earth, promote love and peace AND have time left over to watch Glee.  Uhm… I mean, educational television.

Are you, too, seeking to save the earth, promote world peace and raise productive citizens without expending too much effort?

Why not follow LazyHippieMama on WordPress, by email or Facebook to get all the updates.

If we work on our goals together, they may be a little easier to achieve!


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  1. Congratulations! happy blogoversary! Those stats are impressive, I’m coming up to a year on May 1st and I’m curious where I will be at. Great post, and if there were a “love” button I would have clicked on that. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Happy 1 year! Your blog is no longer an infant, its almost a toddler! I clicked the “LIKE” button before I read the part that you wanted me too. (OK, I clicked it before I read your post!) But that is just because I know you are just that good. I can’t believe you have more posts and more total views and more followers than me AND your blog has been around a year less than mine. Really shows what writing about topics people actually are interested in can do for a blogger:)

    Wait, I am supposed to use multiple spell-checkers? I usually rely only on the WordPress spell-checker and the only grammar check is my own proof-reading. Damn, I’m in trouble:)

  3. Congratulations on making it to a year! Looking forward to many more! (I can’t believe someone told you that people would never want to read what you write! Obviously that person had bad taste)

  4. Congrats on your 1 year!

    Just a side note on the hippies of yesteryear – we didn’t all sit around smoking pot, unwashed. We were part of Civil Rights, Ending Vietnam, the original Save the Earth, we started cooperative farms, we started business including health food stores.

    • True…. I think that was just the version of hippie-dom that was told to me by my very conservative parents. I wish I could go back and see. The 1960’s were such an extraordinary time in history… like society reached some sort of tipping point and everything happened at once. It’s a time that fascinates me, for sure.

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