This One’s For The Girls – Celebrating International Women’s Day



Today is International Women’s Day.

Generally, I’m not a big fan of days like this.  I mean, shouldn’t women be honored and respected every day?  Just like fathers and mothers and grandparents and spouses?  But when I saw that today is IWD I couldn’t help but think of the women who have influenced my life.  They are too many to count;  My mother, grandmother and aunts, my teachers and neighbors and friends, my bosses and coworkers….

And then I thought of my sisters.

I come from a family of “yours, mine, ours and hers” for a total of 8 whole, half and step siblings, but it was the 2 gorgeous girls pictured above with me who were really a part of my life, growing up.

They have grown into extraordinary women (which in itself  says a lot about the hardworking woman who raised us!).

One is a music teacher:  A really, truly, wonderful award-winning music teacher.  She’s the kind of teacher that kids want to stay in touch with the rest of their lives.  She is gentle and kind and so smart it’s overwhelming.  She married an awesome guy and, in doing so, gave us all another brother whom the whole family loves.  She plays Devil’s Advocate all the time and she’s good at it (see “so smart,” above) but she’s never hurtful. She is always there for her little sisters.

The other works in a hospital maternity ward, giving her help to women in one of the most important moments of their lives, and she loves it.  She knows exactly what they are going through, as she, herself, gave birth to four children in 3 years.   (Yes, you read that right.  Four children under age 3.)  When faced with the challenges of divorce and becoming a single mom, through no choice of her own, she showed stunning strength and powerful, inspirational love for her children.  She is funny and clever and brave.  She makes friends more easily than anyone I’ve ever known.

I am blessed beyond measure to have these women in my life!  They help me be a better woman.

Women do amazing things.  Yet women face some extraordinary challenges.  Did you know that, globally, nearly SEVEN OUT OF TEN women will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime?  70%!!!  What a horrible, staggering number!  We can do better.  We must.

Maybe, as a way to pay it forward, for all the women who have helped you, you could help other women.  There are some great ideas here and here and here.

No matter what, please take a moment, today to honor the women who have made a difference in your life.  There are few things a woman appreciates more than knowing she’s appreciated.

On that note, I’ll leave you with one of the greatest quotes about women, ever, by one of the funniest and most-loved women of our time.


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